Thursday, 5 March 2015

Bashar - Positive Interpretation of 666

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BASHAR: You are based what you call carbon life. You understand?

Q: Yes.

BASHAR: It is the connection to the material reality. Look to the basis of your physiological life form … the carbon atom. 6 protons, 6 neutrons, 6 electrons 6, 6, 6. The basis of physical life on your planet.

Q: And what frequency, electromagnethericly are there crop circles being formed at? And what frequency would we have to attain to be able to witness one being formed?

B: Very good, for there is another interpretation. They will generally start at a level of 666,000 thousand vibrations a second. Go down through 333,000 thousand vibrations a seconds a second which is the threshold 1between non-physical and physical reality and for the purpose of allowing an individual on your planet to be in proximity to when one of those patterns crystallizes down into your physical materiality from 333,000 thousand vibrations a second downward, it would generally be beneficial if you exhibited a frequency electromagnethericly …of course this will

depend upon circumstances… of at least, minimum, minimum, minimum, minimum 150.000 cycles per second but generally it should be at least above 240, 000 per second for most of them to be considered equal and safe to the vibrational frequency of its condensation.

Q: What frequency are you coming through tonight at?

B: What frequency right now?

Q: Yes.

B: It will shift and fluctuate from moment to moment but approximately right now 192,000 cycles per second but that will change in the next moment.

Q: Thank you.

B: Thank you.


Bashar - Positive Interpretation of 666