Thursday, 5 March 2015

Bashar - 4th Density and The 4th Dimension

Circa: 1986
Tape 33

Questioner: Bashar

Bashar: Yes

electric-body_0Q: Can you explain to me forth density and forth dimension? I’ve heard the two terms.

B: Primarily they are the same thing, in a sense, although you will find that forth dimension is what is usually refer to as the non-physical side of forth density. Forth density will be the last, so to speak, the highest physical dimension you can experience. And it has a physical and a non-physical counterpart. Forth dimensionality will simply be the opportunity, in a sense, to see the illusions of the third dimension that appears so solid, in the same way that you are thrid dimensional and can appear /through/ the illusions of the second dimension. Allow you to use what you have termed to be a mathematical analogy, all right? Let us say, as you have done on your planet, you create the idea of hypothetical creatures existing in a two dimensional plane, all right? Are you following along? Get a piece of paper, if you will, flat with no up or down but only side to side. All right, now, you have the idea of a sphere in your three dimensions, you follow me?

Questioner: Yes.

B: All right, that has the idea of, what you call, width, length and depth, all right? Now, if you were to take that sphere and you were to intersect the plane in which those flat creatures exist, they would only perceive a cross section of the sphere that you call a circle, you follow me?

Q: Yes.

B: Yet, to you, you understand the reality that it extends above and below their plane of existence, even though they only understand the idea of the circle. You follow me?

Q: Yes.

0dd2a58188800593809c1651c656e4ebB: Now if that circle were to completely fill, let us say a passageway, so they find they could not get through it, you would have no problem because to you it is possible to go up and over to clear the idea, whereas they cannot do that. So the illusion to them is that the symbol completely blocks their path and the circle does but the sphere does not. Do you follow me?

Q: Yes.

B: It is similar from the forth dimension to the third. What you perceive to be such solid obstacles from a forth-dimensional point of view are very illusionary and you can go through them. You follow me?

Q: Yes.

B: Will that have help explain some of the idea?

Q: Yes

B: Fourth density reality, physical reality, will begin to be an exemplification of the forth dimensional aspect, mathematically, because you will begin to see through the illusions of the third dimension in that way and recognize that you are, in fact, creating all the reality you have for so long considered outside yourselves and to find yourselves at the mercy of. You follow me?

Q: Yes.

B: Thank you very much.

Q: Thank you.


Bashar - 4th Density and The 4th Dimension