Thursday, 5 March 2015

Bashar on Our Endless Selves


B: Question.

4647229700_48e1112626Q: Yes. I had a stepfather who left his body a couple of years ago. And

the last month for some reason I keep thinking about him. I’m wondering


B: Oh, so mysteriously!

Q: No, I just want to know how he is.

B: Oh, yes find. How are you?

Q: I’m fine, too.

B: Oh, really!

Q: Well (- -?) about him. Is that…?

B: All right. You are fine. Understand: that idea to you, to a degree,

represents some of the transformation through which you are now allowing

yourself to pass. And as such that will be a symbol for you of the idea of

transformation from one level of reality to another. The changing of

perspective, the changing of point of view — which is all death really is.

You follow me?

Q: I do, but I don’t know if that’s answering the question. How is my

attention on him a transformation for me?

B: Now really! That is quite a very, very obvious symbol. Again:

understand that the transformation from what you consider to be life into

death will represent exactly the idea of the death of a portion of yourself

and the rebirth in another understanding of yourself. You follow me?

Q: Actually I only get the last part of what you said

B: All right. Understand that the idea of your own transformation — you

are simply looking to the idea of another transformation, which represents

symbolically to you the idea of your own transformation from one life to another type of life.

Q: Mhmm. I see; I see.

B: As you allow yourself to open your own inner awareness doorways, you

will simply begin to relate, vibrate more equally, with the level of

reality in a way into which individuals allow themselves to shift upon

physical death.

Q: Yes, but listening to you made me think of what my attention is on.

See, he wasn’t a… he thought be was a body be didn’t realize he was a

spiritual being. So I’m concerned…

B: What does that have to do with your reality?

Q: Nothing. I’m just wondering if there’s some way I can help him if he is

in need of help.

B: Realize he is now helping you — acting as guide to assist you in

leading you toward that portion of understanding of yourself, which he now

realizes to be the case.

Q: Mhmm.

B: You follow me?

Q: Mhmm. Thank you.

Q2: I have a question… When we… do all of us in fact reincarnate and

transform the self? And if so, where does it occur on this planet?

How_many_me____by_fabemiko_stockB: You do not have to reincarnate if you do not desire to. There are many

forms of incarnation, which may take place upon your planet, which may take

place in other civilizations, which may take place in a sense in other

dimensions of reality. Understand that everything that you consider to be

an incarnation occurs simultaneously, since there is no time. Also

understand that within your terms of time there are many simultaneous

incarnations even upon your planet at this time.

Q: Can you repeat that again?

B: There are many simultaneous incarna… do you understand the idea of


Q: Yes. In other words — am I to understand that there are different

dimensions of myself at this point in other consciousnesses?

B: All right now, allow yourself to understand that you are an overall

consciousness. And that much in the same way that, as you say, your fingers

are connected to your hand you project extensions of the overall self into

different ideas of reality — from the one level of reality represented by

your whole soul self. Many times these fingers, or extensions, will in a

sense align their vibration with areas within physical reality that to you

will be perceived as past or future. Many times there will be fingers that

are simply side by side within your understanding of the time frame, and as

such will create counterpart bodies which will appear to you to be separate

consciousnesses, separate individuals which will be connected to your whole

soul self. And as such another extension of the same soul, which has

extended into what you perceive yourself to be as a singular personality.

Q: Yes. Does this go on forever?

B: There is no time. It is all happening right now.

Q: So it is never-ending.

B: In a sense. But realize that there is no idea of never-ending if there

never was a beginning. Do you follow me?

Q: I do. That’s very exciting.

B: All right. Allow yourself to know, then, you are aligning with an idea

and an effect, which has been created for you, that will always lead you to

more of yourself for your own unfoldment.


(Tape change; seems to be quite a bit missing)

If it were so mind-boggling, why do you do it in the first place?

Q: Why did I create it in the first place?

B: Yes.

Q: It’s very exciting.

B: Very good! That is exactly why. Thank you. Question…


Bashar on Our Endless Selves