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Bashar on Who's Running Your Life?


Q: Hi.

B: And to you, good day.
run_for_your_life_by_agroeni-d3grkkbQ: I too, have a question about some fears that are being…

B: All right! But do speak up and share with all.

Q: I have three fears that I…

B: Oh, three fears! Nicely ordered.

Q: Maybe it’s one fear.

B: All right.

Q: Anyway — that have been running my life, and I’m really sick of it.

And I’d like some help to overcome it and resolve it as best as I can.

B: That you have been doing what with your life?

Q: That have been running my life?

B: Running it?

Q: That I’ve allowed to run my life.

B: Oh, all right. Well, what do you prefer to be? What do you prefer to

do? Do you know?

Q: Yes.

B: Well, what is it?

Q: I prefer not to feel this way. I prefer to… Uh, uh, uh.

B: All right, all right. But we did not ask you what you don’t prefer; I

asked you what you do prefer.

Q: I prefer to feel more empowered.

B: More empowered! All right.

Q: I was married and I recently ended a committed relationship.

Q: And the same feelings keep coming up. And it’s a

problem for me.

The one is a feeling of being abandoned…

B: Abandoned!

Q: … irrespective of who ends the relationship.

B: All right.

Q: And also I realize that I would like to be able to surrender more to

the person that I’m committing to.

B: All right.

Q: And also I have a fear of being vulnerable, letting my inner child he

vulnerable. And I feel…

B: Define vulnerability.

Q: Expressing my deep inner needs.

B: Deep inner needs. Why are you afraid to express your deep inner needs.

You have not given me your full definition of vulnerability. What is your

full definition of vulnerability?

In other words, when you express these deep inner needs, what do

you believe will be the result of that expression?

Q: I’ll be hurt and abandoned, left.

B: In other words, you have a negative definition of vulnerability.

Q: Criticized; be told I’m wrong.

B: In other words, you have a negative definition of vulnerability.

Q: Yes.

B: All right. Now: would you prefer to have a positive definition of


Q: Very much so.

B: Oh, all right. I can suggest one; you don’t have to take it. Just my


However! To me, vulnerability is the willingness to be open to All That is

in full and total trust. The willingness to be open to All That Is in full

and total trust is what you are talking about when you say “surrendering.”

It is actually taking control.

It is not giving up control; it is taking control. That is true surrender.

But the idea simply becomes effortless, and that is why many of you think

you are actually giving up control, because to you, the only reason you

feel you’re in control is when you are expending effort.

Q: Yes.

B: Therefore, when you open up in complete vulnerability — and

understand that if you are opening up to All That Is, then you are

connecting to All That Is, to Infinite Creation.

By opening up to all of it, you are connecting into it. And if you are

connecting into the Infinite Creation, then you are connecting to infinite

strength, infinite power, eternal power. And if you are willing to trust it

in a positive way, you will then flow that infinite power through you every

time you are willing to open up all the way.

That is vulnerability; that is power; that is self-empowerment. That is

surrender, and that is control. It is all boiled down in the one word,

trust. Trust.

The mechanism of trust, which is the absolute knowingness that you exist

for a reason. And therefore, with that perspective and that attitude, you

recognize that you deserve to exist in the manner you have determined you

would prefer to exist. For no other reason other than because you say so.

That’s it; that’s all you need. Just say: “I deserve it.” “Why?” “Because I

exist. That’s why. Because I have been given the capability to say and to

know I deserve it. That’s why; I don’t need another reason.”

And when you understand that, you will understand you are connected to

everything. And when you are connected to everything, you will know it is

not possible for you to be abandoned.

Now: an individual in your society shared with us a very creative

interpretation of one of your languages words. This individual recognized

that your word “a-l-o-n-e” could be pronounced “alone” or “all one.” Which

do you prefer? All one.

Running-Grand-Bara-Desert-Djibouti-1220x763All right. Then if you know that being “alone” is being “all one, you can

never be abandoned. Because you are always connected to the infinity of

creation itself by being fully open to it and allowing it to flow through

you. It may only be the definition’s you are applying to your

relationships, the expectations you have been taught to think ought to be

there, rather than letting the relationship be what it is for, that is

creating the difficulty you are experiencing.

For the only difficulty usually comes from the type of definition you have

about a circumstance. There is no circumstance, in and of itself, that is

inherently difficulty causing. Only your perspective and definition of the

circumstance can cause difficulty in your life.

Q: Yes.

B: Understand?

Q: Yes.

B: Does this assist you?

Q: Yes. I’ve also chosen to grow through channeling, and I’m learning to

experience as a clear vocal channel.

B: Oh, all right.

Q: My question is: how can these — how might these

issues color or filter my clear channeling process?

B: That can color if you are not willing to trust yourself. Because if

you are not willing to trust yourself, then in that sense, you are not

allowing yourself to be a clear channel. Because you do not think of

yourself as complete, as capable, as deserving.

Q: Yes.

B: But whatever you are experiencing in terms of your agreement to

experience that energy…

Q: Yes

B: … is all for the purpose of allowing you first of all to choose how

you wish to define yourself.

For the whole idea is to serve you as well. If the channeling doesn’t serve

the channel; if the channel is not allowed to be fully who the channel

needs to be, prefers to be, then the channel cannot be of service to anyone

else. It would be pointless.

Q: Yes.

B: So: again, it is simply an issue of trust. Understand?

Q: Yes.

B: Remember, as we have shared with many individuals: you do not need a

special reason in order to know you deserve what you prefer. If you exist,

then obviously you deserve to exist. Otherwise you wouldn’t.

Infinite Creation is very clear about that.

Q: Yes.

B: If you exist, Infinite Creation must obviously believe you deserve to.

Treat yourself with the same respect. Why not? Understand?

Q: Yes.

B: And be a part of the infinite whole: /be/ the infinite whole — your

version of the Infinite Whole. That is what all the parts are: different

versions of the whole idea. You are no less that idea than anyone else. Or

you wouldn’t exist.

There are no incomplete creations, no extraneous and pointless ones.

Q: Hmmm.

B: Understand?

Q: Yes.

B: If you exist, by definition you must fit as you are — not that you

can’t change. But you must fit as you are, or you wouldn’t exist.

So lighten up on yourself. All right?

Q: I got it.

B: And when you lighten up on yourself, you will be enlightened. And your

energy will accelerate upward. And your vulnerability will become power.


B: Yes.

B: Well, thank you very much.

Q: Thank you.

B: At this timing, you may all enjoy a short break. We will resume contact

in approximately ten to fifteen of your minutes.

— Break —

Q: I’m experiencing confusion in just about all areas of my life right


B: Good!

Q: Yah, I thought you’d say that. Some of your remarks earlier on the

backdrop of one’s reality – my backdrop actually has changed, and I think

that’s part of my confusion – I don’t quite know what to do in it now.

B: Ah, very good! This is, once again, still to some extent, the limbo

state in which you have unplugged from your previously conceived of

structures and you have as yet to plug into the idea of the new structures.

So you are still examining all the probable ways that you can create that

structure to be. It may seem to be a foundering state, but that is simply

because you are not used to the idea that change is truly the only


When you recognize that all the changes that are going on that may make you

feel as if you are in limbo is truly a solid foundation – because you are

now in touch with far more probabilities that you were before – then you

will be able to find solidity within it, and give yourself a sense of


Now, within that limbo state, once again, the idea of orienting yourself is

always very simple – very simply! – to do what excites you the most at any

given moment that you are able to act upon.

Q: Well, that worries me a little bit because…

B: Why?

Q: Well, because I’ve always thought that I had to have a job – okay, my

belief system says I have to have a job…

B: Yes.

Q: … and yet I either leave the job or I get fired. And recently I’ve

been fixed, in the last 3 months, from 3 jobs…

B: All right. Did you enjoy those jobs?

Q: Well, actually I got a lot done, but…

B: All right.

Q: … but I also didn’t enjoy being in the office space that I was in, in

all the three jobs.

B: Well then? Got what you wanted, didn’t you?

Q: Yah, I did. I wasn’t enjoying it.

B: All right.

Q: And it wasn’t…
stop-fightingB: That right there is what we are talking about. By taking that as a sign

that everything is working perfectly, you got what you wanted. Your life

always works – always works! When you place invalidations upon yourself,

you do not see that it is working. That is the only difference.

Q: I do see that, that I did get what I wanted.

B: All right.

Q: And now I’m really concerned…

B: Oh, concerned!

Q: Yah, I’m concerned. I don’t…

B: Then you are still not willing to trust that your life is working


Q: Well, it is working perfectly.

B: Then why are you concerned?

Q: Because I haven’t paid my rent.

B: So? Maybe you don’t need to.

Q: No…?

B: Oh, she was about to consider it just for a second. You are not as

closed as you thought.

Q: That’s true.

B: If you truly trust, and are willing to do what excites you the most,

you will have what you need. If you need the money to pay the rent – if

that paying of the rent is what will allow you to continue to be that thing

that excites you the most, then being the thing that excites you the most

will allow you to pay the rent.

IF you can be the thing that excites you the most without paying the rent,

you won’t get the money.

Q: Oh God!

B: But that means you don’t need it. Because if you can be the thing that

excites you the most without having to pay the rent, then you can take it

for granted that that’s not something you have to worry about. You will

have what you need; you will be comfortingly.

Because if you are not comfortable, you can’t be the thing that excites you

the most. One way or another you will be made to be comfortable. It doesn’t

have to be /having/ to


Bashar on Who's Running Your Life?