Saturday, 7 March 2015

Bashar on The Primary Frequency


Q: Good evening.

bashar2B: And to you, good day.

Q: Thank you. I had a question regarding a place where I go mentally and

emotionally, that I would like to go to less frequently.

B: Where is it?

Q: Well I’ll describe it in just a minute.

B: All right.

Q: It’s accompanied by the event of closure in almost every area of my

life. So that I find myself for the moment without all my old purposes and


B: What about letting some new ones in?

Q: Well just at the moment they’re beginning, but there’s a tremendous


B: A tremendous void.

Q: A tremendous void.

B: Good!! “Why does he say ‘good’,” she says.

Q: Yes. That’s a good question.

B: Well all right. Thank you. I will answer it. Remember this: a void is

not the nothing you have been taught to think it is. In a sense, the void —

or what you have recognized as a void, an emptiness — actually contains

99% of all creation, so to speak.

The only part you usually see is the 1% — just an arbitrary figure that

represents the reality you choose to focus on in any given moment, out of

all the probable realities you could create.

sound waveSo the void is not empty by any means; it is full of potential realities.

Individuals, when they allow themselves to go back to that place of the

void, know that they are aligning with the fundamental chord, the prime

frequency of creation itself, taking themselves back to the ultimate center

— out of which they can then create any reality they desire.

So first and foremost, some of the idea of the seeming constriction is only

the definition you are applying to the so-called void, assuming that it is

a shutdown, as opposed to a complete and total connection to All That Is.


Q: Yes.

B: Is this assisting you so far?

Q: Yes.

B: Has it rearranged your point of view of the idea of visiting that

space? … not yet.

Q: Partially

B: Partially. In what way?

Q: In… if l began to play with the idea of the void containing unlimited

possibilities, instead of emptiness…

B: Yes.

Q: … it would feel different.

B: Yes !!

Q: Yes.

B: Well, does it not feel different when you think of it that way?

Q: Yes.

B: Then it is different, isn’t it?

Q: Yes.

B: Are you willing to play in that space?

Q: I guess that’s the only space there is.

B: All right. Does that help you then?

Q: Yes.

B: Well, thank you very much.

Q: I have one…

B: Yes.

Q: … other part to that.

B: All right.

Q: The mental and emotional part I was telling you about was that I have

this sense of holding myself together with thoughts. To contain…

B: Well, that’s all you are.

Q: Well those feelings towards these thoughts are somehow holding together

against overwhelming feelings. Do you know what I mean?

b7e556e2586bae43c82e9ba3d97b91eaB: Yes. Look at it this way; and remember this idea: what you are as a

personality is not really who or what you are ultimately. A personality is

an artificial construct, an artificial projection of consciousness — of

the consciousness that you are. It is composed of three things, like a

prism: belief, emotion and thought. So the idea is that you are literally

an artificial construct. And any time you change the idea that you are as a

consciousness, you will disassemble the prism of your personality arid

reassemble it.

Let it disassemble and reassemble; it will not be the destruction of your

individuality. Understand?

Q: Mhmm.

B: You always recreate yourself — all the time. You don’t even know you

are doing it; so natural thing is it to do.

Now, simply, you are becoming conscious of the fact that you destructurize

your persona and restructure it. Because the idea of this transformational

age upon your planet is to become consciously aware of the mechanisms you

are using to create your reality, so you can create the reality you prefer.

So just because you are witnessing now, consciously, a destructurization of

your personality, do not assume that it is the destruction of your

individuality. It isn’t. It is simply now that you know you are a set of

building blocks. And you can rearrange the idea and the definitions in any

way you care to.

It is simply now that you are awake and aware during the operation because

you no longer need anesthesia. You no longer have to be unconscious in

order to change. At first that may seem a little unsettling to you all. Oh,

but you’ll get used to it. Let it flow. All right?

Q: All right. Thank you very much.

B: Thank you very much! Sharing!


Bashar on The Primary Frequency