Saturday, 7 March 2015

Bashar - A Guided Meditation

A Guided Meditation
center_spineWhile you are beginning to relax, I will share several more analogies

before the meditation to allow these principles to begin to sink into you

softly. But before that, take three deep breaths and feel every portion of

you relaxing. Feel your cares melting away If your conscious mind doesn’t

want to let go of them, then just tell it, “All right, you can get them

buck in a few minutes, but for now, let them go.” Just relax and play

along. That is what we are doing, learning how to play again. Playing is

one of the most creative acts.

As you continue to breathe and continue to relax, listen to the following

analogies. When we talk about the idea of different dimensional realities

all being Here and Now, the best way to explain this is perhaps in the

following ways.

The Radio Analogy: Each and every one of you understands the device that

you have upon your planet that you call a radio. you know that you have a

dial on your radio that you can use to tune in to any particular program

you desire. Now, just because your dial is tuned to one program, you do not

start thinking that all the other programs cease to exist and go away. You

know that all the other programs are still there but you do not get them

because you are not tuned into those frequencies.

Film Strip Analogy: Your reality can be analogized to a roll of film, with

Its many different frames. Each and every frame represents a small portion

of an overall action. Now, the characters within each frame only exist

within that single frame and do not experience the next frame. For the

characters in the film to experience any Sense of movement, the film must

move. However, to the film projectionist the /entire/ film exists right now —

the beginning, the middle and the end. You can see all the frames at once

when looking down on the strip of film, even though the characters on the

film must experience their reality one frame at a time. Physical reality is

analogous to the strip of film. Your higher, non-physical visionary selves

are like the projectionist that can see all the frames at once.

All Situations Are Neutral: The idea now will be to also remember the

neutrality of all situations. You could look at any one particular frame
meditation-0204_0on that film and not necessarily understand what is being said or what is

going on. Only from the creation of continuity, from the flow of the film,

do you pick up the context. But each and every situation in life is like

one of those frames of film — it does not have any meaning that is

apparent on the surface. The meaning you choose to give it completely

determines what kind of a story you create from that picture.

The Stage Analogy: The idea is to look at every single situation in your

life in the following way: imagine that you are sitting in an auditorium

looking at the beginning of a play. The curtain has just gone up. All the

actors are standing still on the stage. All the props are there, ready to

go. But, let’s assume you did not read the program. Let us assume you have

heard nothing about the play, so you do not know who these characters are,

or what they will do or say. You have no automatic expectations about them

at all.

Now, one of the characters on the stage might be standing off in a corner

with a very strong frown on their face. Because of what some of you have

been taught you might choose to automatically assume, “Oh, well that must

he the bad fellow.” However, some of you might assume, “Well, maybe he is

frowning because he is upset at the bad character and he is the good

character.” The surface appearance tells you nothing. The whole situation

is neutral. Everything, including the actors, for now are simply props and

have no built-in meaning.

Now, we apply this principle to your own lives. But first, three more deep

breaths; and understand, as you take these breaths, you are taking yourself

to a deeper level of relaxation. A deeper level of self-acceptance and

self-love. A deeper level of wisdom and curiosity about exploring who and

what you are.


Bashar - A Guided Meditation