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Bashar on Philosophy, Focus, and All-That-Is


B: Question.

Q: Yes, this… Yes, I just…

B: Th- th- th– One moment. Yes?

Q: There are several philosopher’s here that say it’s best to rid yourself

of the physical universe and your dependency upon it, so that you no longer

are in a physical form. Is that good or bad or…?

there_is_a_lightB: Now understand there is no good; there is no bad. Also understand that

you can never really rid yourself of anything, since there is no outside

place to rid it to. You follow me? Any idea once created in the idea of All

That Is always exists within All That Is, and as such there is no outside

to All That Is to put anything. And since you are All That Is, it will

always be within you. It will be a matter of your focus. Now, there is that

idea stemming from the purpose of the creation of physical reality as the

experience of limited viewpoint, and as such you have assumed that to

experience a less limited viewpoint is better.

But really there is no better. Every experience is, for the purpose it was

created, exactly the best experience it can be. And therefore it is a

judgment to assume that it is the idea that you are making a comparison

between a lesser reality and a greater reality. ‘Tis simply the idea of

different realities which are created for varying purposes of the

unfoldment of yourself. And as such realize that many of the diseases

created within your physical reality stem from the assumption that your

physical reality is somehow less worthy than a spiritual one kind as such,

it will very accurately reflect that degree of unworthiness and futility,

and create disease.


Q: Yes that answered my question that my father was being a guide at this

time to give me support or whatever. I perceived you were sitting there

either looking at something or waiting – – something was going on and I

didn’t quite get it, and my attention stuck on it.

B: Thank you. Question.

Another: I came into this body as a guest? I took this body over after my

parents had raised it nicely. I feel a lot of loyalty to this body’s

parents. Also I feel a lot of loyalty to my people. I am a Scientology

auditor for 30-some years, and I’m going off into other areas now. Many of

the gifts I have, such as… I was just telling some of the people here I

can talk to plants — or anything I care to talk to I can communicate back

and forth with. I also can heal just by using energy; such as the energy I

feel from you. Wow! I just have to say this energy I’m feeling from you is

very loving, and I can take it and just pass it on and on and on.

Anyway, that’s aside from the point. But what my question is: I am having

to decide now on what coast I’m going to, the east coast or the west coast.

I have loyalties on both coasts, and my mission here is to help people

become more aware of themselves and to grow and to expand and become

better. Now, I don’t know the answer as to what coast I should go, and I

have come here today – I know I have been guided here.

B: All right.

Q: And help me.

B: Allow me first of all to say: thought you said you could speak to

anything and get an answer.

Q: Yes!

B: What about yourself?

Q: Yes, and I’ve done that with myself I have so may dimensh~ns to myself’-

kagaya_the-universe2All right. Do not allow yourself to be confused. Simply understand

that you are always going i o unfold according to the purpose for which you

have created your existence within this dimension of reality– exactly as

you need to. Also understand that as you say, the idea of sharing your

reality with other individuals will, again, always be in accord with the

timing concerned within every individua~s interaction within that reality.

You will not have to preach to anyone.

Understand therefore that you will always always alway.c./–when you

simply allow yourself ti continue to be that reality for yourself/–be

serving all the other individuals within your reality in the best possible

way that you can, by providing ~or them a reflection of that universe, of

that reality that you know yourseli to be, and therefore allowing them the

best possible opportunity to share that reality IF they choose to.

Okay I have been biding my time, so to speak You know~ Ibavc been

operating on this p1/me observing bow pcople act, vid then Ibave becn

trying to act according t~ bow tbcy act so they won ~ rcaily know that I

cEw read their minds ~wd ci~ ~fl this othcr stuff I do.

What purpose did that serve for you?

I thinA so I could duplicatc what their reality was so I could raise

them up to a higher level

AU right. Now, understand–

So that 1–?) doing it.

All right, then change. Live your reality, the one that you perceive

to be the real reality for you.

But it would bc ovcrwbelming to c~tbers ii’ I dJd that.

No, no, no1 Understand they will not perceive your reality except

upon the level at which they wish to share it, according to their own

purpose of unfoldment. Realize you can control no one.


(b’a ha. lay”) (5ome applause)

Now understand you will be creating for y~irseff exactly within your

reality any idea that you perceive yourself to be. But understand you will

be creating it for yourself. Therefore I will say: if to you the idea of

being a witch creates the idea of control and power and judgment and

discomfort, then you will be creating all of those ideas within your own

universe, and experience them for you – not anyone else.

I don’t have that viewpoint, Iii, very playful you know, and a bit

mischievous. But only to bring people- –

All right. So are we.

Q: It’s only to make people on a higher emotional level.

One moment, please! Again understand: the idea you have expressed as a

mission can never b~ achieved by making people do anything.

I agree. That s Ii uc~

Now understand that you will always be allowing any individual who wishes

to share your reality to do so if you simply live your reality for

yourself, not for them.


Otherwise you will be taking responsibility for them. And as such you will

be denying responsibility to your reality. And as such you will then be

equal only to an idea which will constantly allow them to feel that you

have nothing to share.

Abb! Yes, I realize what I’ve been doing is I’ve been tclepatbically – well

I don ‘t even liA~ to use that word– but I communicate to them on a level

that tbey~e not ~Jways aware that liii communicating to them.

Oh, but they are Oh, okay

Understand again: they are aware exactly to the degree they need to be on

whatever level serves their own purpose.


Again understand (–?) the idea of your mission: there is not only one way.

If there were on~y one way, there would only be one person,, Live your life

for yourself. Then you will have something to share with these other

individuals when they choose to share with you. Understand they have just

as valid a reality that you can share with them.

On this JJvc my Ii~& Jhr myse1f’~ – that Jsn ~ why liv here.

Oh, yes it is. Again understand the idea of the paradox. You will be doing

service to the entire mass consciousness by providing them with an example

by living it yourself, not living it for them. If you live it for them, you

will not be being yourself, and as such’they will not be able to find you.

I gotcha! (– -~-~’ Okay, yah.

Thank you. Thizck you.

Then realize you will not need to tell anyone anything. You will be your

own best example by simply being that life. Then you will find all those

individuals who wish to share that reality being attracted to you and

saying, ‘Hey! How come you’re having so much fun? I’cr’like to have some of

that fun too.” Then you may answer, ‘This is how I choose to have fun. Now,

for me this is fun; maybe it wont be fun for you. Maybe you can invent your

own version of my idea so you can have fun within the reality you’ve


Always understand that within any idea of service there will first and

foremost always be, to any other individual, the provision of simply being

a reflection of their own reality, and allowing them to unfold within

themselves to understand their own empowerment. You will not be providing

them with anything that they do not already have.

You will simply, by acting as a mirror of those parts of themselves which

can enjoy themselves on that level, be providing them with that reflection

that then they may wish to choose for themselves. But the only way you will

do that is by lying your own life that way, and not being concerned for



Otherwise you are impressing judgment upon the idea of comparing what you

think you have to what you think tbcy have. And as such you will be

creating more and more separation between yourself and the idea you truly

wisF~ to manifest upon your world.

Point very well ijiA-en.

Thank you.

bashar2Oh, wait a minute I have a question. Thu said when somebody’s having

fun, and people ,rc at~~,ractcd to them — isn’t that a Jbrm of judgment?

Not really. Are they saying (–?A we ~e not ha vrng that much J’un?

They are judging themselves.

Right. All right. But understand that if you are providing the idea

within your own life hat you are not there having fun to show them that

they are not having un, you will simply be having fun for yourself. And

when those individuals who choose to understand that they have been

creating for themselves a ~eality that they do not like, may, within th,e

example that you provide for y~)urself, choose to get an idea of how they

may create a reality which they do ike.

So in that case judgment is important.

In a sense. Understand that, in your terms, objective comparison

between the idea of one reality that you really wish to do and a reality

that you do not will be a form of objective comparison. But when you

realize that each reality was valid for the purpose that it served, then

you will not create the idea of the judgment between the 0ideas, and will

allow you to transform more readily into tt~e ther reality.

Ri~bt. It just ~Uow.c a transformation. Yes.

Anda blending. Yes. Orc’at.

Is that what you mcEw by bcing transp~rcnt?

In a sense. Understand that one other idea represented by that

terminology will be that every situation, every idea, every undertaking,

every interaction that you create within your reality will be felt overall

to add to the overall momentum of your original idea of yourself– rather

than viewed as an interruption.


This is just grcai It really is

We~c having fun~ Lets (– –?)

Were having fun over bcrc, too.

Who else is having fun?


Bashar on Philosophy, Focus, and All-That-Is