Monday, 18 August 2014

Are You Living In Fear Based On Your Past?

by: Lorna Blake

I was listening to Gary Quinn, Abundance Coach to the Stars, as he discussed this topic. And he said most of us are living our lives based on our past. What happened in our last relationship, our last job, our last experience with, fill in the blank?

Does that resonate with you? I got goose bumps when I heard it because it made perfect sense to me. Been there and done that.

Anyway Gary Quinn suggests that if you keep holding on to the fear you’ll create exactly the reality that you don’t want. He recommends bringing yourself into the present moment. And what I got from that was the importance of being present in the right now.

I read Eckhart Tolle ’s “The Power of Now” and it’s helped me become more mindful of the times that I’m not present. Have you ever done an activity and you were so far away in your mind you forgot you had done it? Ever driven and been so preoccupied you went right past where you were supposed to go? That demonstrates you’re someplace else. Come to the present moment. Breathe.

Gary Quinn talks about tapping into the reality of a different future. That you let go of the past and forgive yourself. I’d like to add: forgive those who you feel may have wronged you.

He suggests that you create a statement that makes you feel great. I recommend using these present tense statements to develop a blueprint for what you want.

To do this look at your life and get clear on what you want. Plan for what you want instead of what you don’t want.

Experience the feeling of what you want and live in that feeling all the time.


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