Monday, 18 August 2014

WHAT DOES “The 4th Density” MEAN?

The Universe and everything in it is composed of nothing but “Thought Forms.” The “Creator” is the source of all thought forms and in turn, of all life. In essence, all creation is merely an illusion sustained by consciousness. This consciousness is that of all life and all things are in fact composed of this. As in the spiritual beliefs of the Lakota Native Americans, all things are One. The Universe is the Body of the Creator and therefore there is no material difference between anything in existence. The purpose of the Universe is to sustain Life. All life forms are merely parts of the Creator. As one might imagine, being one with the Creator leaves no purpose to life since the Creator already knows and, in fact, is all things. The Christian Bible describes the Creation as being the result of Gods loneliness. In the interest of “Free Will” all life forms must give up their Divine Knowledge and become essentially “Empty Vessels,” separate from God in a sense in order that they may have a choice to seek a return path to the Creator. This is why God does not prove his existence to us in the purely Physical sense. There is little point in creating “children” to love you if they have no choice or are predisposed toward faith. God wants his creation to make the decision to seek return of their own Free Will.

The Universe is a series of “classrooms” where we learn to advance to higher levels of thought and form. We divest ourselves of Divine Knowledge in order to teach the flesh the way back to the creator. In other words, it is better that we learn to become One with God rather than God just creating us with this capacity in the first place. The Great Creation of the Universe is not Life itself but that of Free Will. This path of return to God or the Source of All Life is known as “Ascension.” The challenges in life are lessons. The purpose is to overcome the limitations of our current state of “density” in order to move to the next level. There are may interpretations of the amount of levels and their meanings.

Reincarnationists believe that we live many lives. Some believe that we begin as lowly creatures and by successive lives, work our way up to higher forms. And here is where the significance of the “Densities” comes into focus.

The First Density is that of Thought-Form only, or of Consciousness without Self-awareness or Intelligence. Rocks, Water and Inanimate “Objects,” the Matter of the Universe is of this density. The Second Density is said to be that of Consciousness with limited Self-awareness and minor to reasonable intelligence. Animals and the lower creatures fall into this category. The Third Density is that of Consciousness, full Self-awareness and reasonable to high intelligence. Human Beings are now in the Third Density. It is important to note that the Planet Earth itself is in some circles believed to be an Intelligent Entity of either the Third or Fourth Density. I personally believe that at least this is true or that it is an entity of an even higher order.

The Third Density corresponds to our three-dimensional Spatial Reality as well. The Spirit world, Ghosts and many things of the Unknown are said to be aspects of the Fourth Density where we are now meant to ascend. Science, through the new discipline of String Theory is now predicting and describing the reality of these Higher Densities. String Theory predicts that there are from 10 to 26 dimensions. The three dimensions of Height, Width and Depth and Time are the only ones we notice because the other dimensions are so microscopically curled up into space at the subatomic level. The discovery of these unnoticed dimensions has opened up new areas of research making Free or Zero-Point Energy , Antigravity and perhaps even Time Travel a near-future possibility. Scientist are already making incredible breakthroughs using this new Alternative Science .

Scientists and Mystical Scholars such as Richard C. Hougland , Scott Mandelker and David Wilcox, as well as many others have begun to develop new spiritualisms and systems of physics based on the Hyperdimentional model. Anomalies such as the Great Red Spot on the planet Jupiter, occurring at a latitude of 19.5° (a significant numerical distinction in Hyperdimentional Physics) have provided a much needed confirmation of the theory.

The Mayan Calendar predicts an end to civilization (as we know it) on or around the year 2012 . Interestingly enough, some have calculated that our Solar System will, at that time, begin to pass into an area of the Galaxy which corresponds to this 19.5°. The Higher 4th Dimensional energies which are able to “bleed” through to the 3rd dimensional Time-Space in these areas are expected to transform our regular three-dimensional matter to the higher Fourth dimensional state. Since this Fourth Dimension is the realm of the Ascended, it is imperative that the beings on this planet make their ascension at this time. This is known as the End of the Great Cycle, in which there is a unique opportunity for ascension. Many, many cultures on this planet speak of this same thing. There will be no more chances for reincarnation after the end of the cycle for quite some time. This should not be cause for too much alarm, the end of the Mayan Calendar does not mean that the world will end. Rather it is the beginning of a New Age. The sad news is, that our third-dimensional bodies will not survive the transition. The Arrival of the 4th Dimensional Wave Front will impart a higher vibration energy onto all matter in our region of the Galaxy, thus transforming it into 4-D matter. Those who have achieved Ascension (and there are very, very, Very few!) by tuning their body and spirit to the 4th dimensional energies will be able to pass into this new physical reality with ease. The rest of us may not. The opportunity for ascension may not occur again for many millions of years until it is once more possible for incarnations in the 3rd realm.


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