Sunday, 5 October 2014

Mind Map Radiant Thinking by Tony Buzan

by: Michael A. Jones

If you are interested in any way in Mind Maps, this is THE Mind Map reference book to have in your library. I purchased my copy some years ago and have constantly referred to it since.

Overview of contents:

The makeup of the brain is explained.

Amazing consistency is seen in the natural architecture of the world around us with beautiful color plates to illustrate the point.

Brainstorming with words and images is explored in the first few chapters.

Then, Chapter 9 – “Mind Mapping“, explains the whole process in a summarized form.

Other chapters then elaborate on the foundation laid here.

For me one of the most useful sections of the book and the one which has become more soiled than any other is the last part which gives a comprehensive listing of the uses of Mind Maps.

These include:



keeping a diary

family study

story telling




presentations and management

I have found these principles very useful in business planning with mind maps.

Major corporations such as Boeing Aircraft, Electronic Data Systems, Digital Equipment Corporation and Nabisco have used these techniques along with many students at Oxford and Cambridge Universities.

At around 300 pages, copiously illustrated, with beautiful photographs and numerous mind map diagrams, this is a great addition on the bookshelf.


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