Sunday, 5 October 2014

Living in Non-Judgmental Oneness

What Is Oneness? Adamus St Germaine Helps Explain Oneness


earth The topic of Oneness and what Oneness is came up as I listened to Joe Rumbolo’s September 30th Blog Talk Radio show. Joe interviewed guests Geoffrey and Linda Hoppe and Geoffrey, as usual, channeled a being that goes by the name of Adamus St. Germaine–whose ideas I find insightful.

Adamus St. Germaine (Geoff was channeling at that point) stated that there are misunderstandings around what exactly Oneness is. He implied that we will not literally go back to Oneness. In a previous channeling a few months ago, he mentioned that we had tried the Oneness thing in Atlantis–and it hadn’t worked. Returning to Oneness would be devolution and you don’t have to worry about that, Adamus St. Germaine had said. Rather, “you are your own oneness,” he said on the September 30th show.

I agree. Many New Agers say that humanity is returning to Oneness, that we are all becoming “One.”

“The Truth is we are One,” some say. “You are not one of many. You are One of One,” says Gloria Wendroff. Many others parrot the same idea. But what is Oneness and what do they mean when they say that we are One?

I understand that we used to be all One at some point, but this was before the Big Bang. I understand that we are now connected to each other through the Divine Plan that’s unfolding. And I understand that we are in the process of completing the dark vs. light game (or, the us vs. them game) and we are integrating all that we have learned. But it doesn’t mean that your individuality will be lost or that you will disappear, or that all will be the same.

What does Adamus St. Germaine mean when he says, “you are your own oneness?” From my own experience I understand this to mean that you carry your own oneness within you, that your mind and heart are on the same page, that you are whole and integrated with your higher self.

Yes, there is a Oneness of life, an Interconnectedness and an Interdependence. And as you raise your consciousness by reconnecting and integrating with your higher self you will become much more aware of these truly amazing connections. However, this is no way implies that you will lose your individuality. Your soul (that has its own unique frequency, by the way) will not amalgamate with others into some amorphous, indistinguishable ocean; your soul remains your own with unique experiences and past lives. So, we will not lose our individuality to literally become one. That would be devolution.

As you reconnect to your higher self and integrate your higher self into your life you will still be an individual with unique qualities, experiences, characteristics, desires, and a unique contribution and role to play during this particularly important time in humanity’s evolution. So, in a sense, you will be both–an individual, as well as one within. (And then, as St. Germaine said, there will be billions of Onenesses running around this planet.)

As usual, the key to all this Oneness is: reconnecting and integrating with your higher self. And that’s not nearly as easy as parroting the idea that “we are One.”

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