Sunday, 17 August 2014

The Master Key System

The Secret Master Keys And The Law Of Attraction – 24 Keys To Abundance

by: Stephen H Lockie

The Master Key System by Charles F Haanel was originally written in 1907 and published over a period of 24 weeks in a very widely read New Thought magazine of the time. Nautilus Magazine was produced by Elizabeth Towne, a self-made woman of means, and an accomplished author in her own right. Because of the popularity of this course, Charles Haanel was inspired to publish the first hardcover in 1919. There were over 200,000 copies produced, and all sold extremely well, with a number of later editions coming out up until 1943. The Catholic Church got hold of a copy in 1933, and immediately banned the book from the public, and the elite of the time also attempted to suppress the information, thankfully a number of copies were safely scattered about the globe and to this day have survived, although they are extremely difficult to get now.

The book is the definitive guide to implementing and applying the Law of Attraction, and has a reputation of being the book which has helped to create more self-made millionaires than any other book ever published, in fact it is known as “the book that’s made a million millionaires”, whether that is a correct figure I don’t know, but the list of people who have studied it and gone on to create huge fortunes is a “who’s who” of the wealthy, and do number in the hundreds of thousands over the last century. Napoleon Hill, author of Think And Grow Rich was a student of Charles Haanel, as was Henry Flagler the Standard Oil Billionaire who applied these Keys to his life and business and formed the largest corporation in US history. Bill Gates is rumored to have got hold of a copy a couple of years into Harvard University, studied it, and dropped out to “put a computer on every desk” and also become one of the richest men on the planet. Hundreds of thousands of people have applied these Keys to their lives and turned everything around for themselves, co-creating a rich and full life of their dreams.

The book works on both the left and right hemispheres of the brain, stimulating the logical masculine side, and the creative feminine side, to gently and permanently embed these life-changing Keys into the sub-conscious mind for long-term access and use by us to attract anything we so desire into our life. The power of our thoughts are just now becoming accepted by the mainstream sciences, particularly Quantum Physics, where the scientists are finding they can influence the very building-blocks of matter with their thoughts. One group will do an experiment and expect X result, which they achieve, then another separate group will do the exact same experiment with the expectation of result Y, which they get… their thoughts and expectations being the only difference.

Your thoughts are creating everything you receive in your life, and always have done. This happens whether you consciously direct them or unconsciously react to your circumstances and create by default. The Secret movie showed people what this “secret” is, the Master Key System shows HOW to apply the Secret to your life to co-create all your desires consciously… every time, by the power of your thoughts.

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