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Seth, Dreams and Projection of Consciousness

114 [ego]

Man’s ego causes him to interpret everything else in light of himself. He loses much in this manner. The ego can be compared to the bark of a tree. The bark is flexible, vibrant and grows with the growth beneath. It is a tree’s contact with the outer world, the tree’s interpreter and, to some degree, the tree’s companion. So should man’s ego be.

When man’s ego turns instead into a shell – when instead of interpreting outside conditions, it reacts too violently against them, then it hardens and becomes an imprisoning form that begins to snuff out important data and to keep enlarging information from the inner self. The ego‘s purpose is protective. The ego is also a device to enable the inner self to inhabit the physical plane.

If, for example, our tree bark grew fearful of stormy weather and began to harden itself against the elements, in a well-meaning but distorted protective spirit, then the tree would die. This is what the ego does when it reacts too violently to purely physical data. As a result, it stiffens, and then you have, my well-meaning friend, the cold detachment with which you at one time faced the world.

…Neither should the ego react so violently that it remembers and reacts to past storms in the midst of clear and sunny weather.


…as a rule, you are not aware of your whole entity. There is no reason, however, why you must be blind to the whole self of your present personality, which is part of the entity, and which can be glimpsed in terms of the breathing and dreaming “self” of which I have spoken.

…what man cannot consciously remember, he fears [example: having learned to see].

152 [psychological time:]

Within any given five minutes of clock time, for example, you may find an hour of rest which is independent of clock time.


Conscious fear is usually the main hindrance as far as inner data is concerned. Therefore, a realization that these senses belong to you and that they are quite natural, will help you avoid the closing off of such data by the conscious mind.

If you remember this, inner data will come through much more easily, and you will be able to control it. It is never of itself overpowering. You can train yourself in the recognition of such data, its utilization and control. Within the framework of psychological time you can also lengthen such experiences.


…to kill for self-protection or food on your plane does not involve you in what we may call for the first time… karmic consequences.


To kill for convenience… or for the sake of killing involves rather dire consequences, and the emotional value behind such killing is often as important as what is killed. That is, the lust [for] killing is also a matter that brings dire consequences, regardless of the particular living thing that is killed.


Examine dream locations carefully:

1. Dream locations that represent places familiar to you in your present daily life.

2. Dream locations that represent places (such as foreign countries) to which you have never really traveled.

3. Dream locations that represent definite places that appear as they were in the past. If you dream of your childhood home as it was, not as it is now, then the location would belong in this category.

4. Dream locations that represent places that no longer exist physically.

5. Strange, completely unfamiliar, dream locations.

6. Indistinct dream locations.

7. Strange dream locations to which you keep returning.

216 seq.

The electricity that is perceivable within your system is merely a projection of a vast electrical system that you cannot perceive.

…Yet the inner self offers so many clues… It operates outside of physical references. It is, of itself, free of the distorted effects peculiar to the physical system. A study of dreams, for example, would make many of these points clear…dream locations have not only a psychological reality but a definite actuality. A study of dream locations is most important. Dream locations are composed of electrical mass, density and intensity… Definite work may be done in a dream, but the physical arms and legs are not tired. This would seem contrary to your known laws, but no one has looked into this…

It is most difficult to even hint at the myriad complexity and dimension of the electrical actuality as it exists. When you consider that each of your own thoughts is composed of a unique intensity of impulse, shared by nothing else; that the same may be said for every dream you will have in your lifetime; and that all your experience is gathered together in particular ranges of intensity, again completely unique; and that the summation of all that you are exists in one minute range or band of intensities, then you will see how difficult this is to explain…

This not only applies to your physical field but also to all others. Your field is contained within its own range of intensities, a tiny band of electrical impulses a million times smaller than one note picked at random from the entire mass of musical composition that has ever been written or ever will be written. I am not going too deeply into this now because you are not ready. But because of the infinite range of intensities available, each individual has limitless intensities within which he can move.

All motion is mental or psychological motion, and all mental or psychological motion has its electrical reality. The inner self moves by moving through intensities. Each new experience opens up a new pulsation intensity… To move through intensities within the electrical system gives the result, in the physical field, of moving through time.


… all versions and possibilities of each event must be actualized in the limitless multiplication of creativity… Any one moment in physical time is a warp, opening into these other dimensions of actuality, and any one moment can be used as a passageway or bridge. The act of crossing will be reflected in a million other worlds, but these reflections will be themselves alive and the act of perceiving itself will create still another vortex of actualization.


Slide imaginatively into a world where you do not perform the next small action you will perform in this world. Cough, smile, sneeze – in some other actuality your actions are non-actions and your non-acts are realized.

303 [Projection of fears and guilts on to probable personalities]

Once you realize that your guilt is groundless, then it can dissolve. It is only when you become frightened that you project it in such a way.

304 seq. [probable self]

The dreaming self is to some considerable degree aware of the probable self. There is give-and-take between the two, for much data is received by the dreaming self from the probable self – the self that experiences what the ego would call probable events.

This data is often wound by the dream self into a dream drama which informs the subconscious of dangers or of probable success of any given event which is being considered by the subconscious for physical actuality.

Were it not for the experience of this probable self, and for its information given via the dreaming self to the subconscious, then it would be most difficult for the ego to come to any clear decisions in daily life.

This probable self has operated in each reincarnation, in each materialization of the personality, and has at its command literally millions of probable situations and conditions upon which to make value judgments. Of itself, however, it does not make the decision as to whether or not a particular event will be made physical. It merely passes on the information that it has received through experience.

This information is sifted often through the dreaming self to the subconscious which has intimate knowledge of the ego with which it is closely connected. The subconscious makes its own judgments and passes these on with the data. Then the ego makes its decision. In some cases, the ego refuses to make the decision, and it is done by the subconscious. On occasion, when an unwise decision is made by the ego, the subconscious will change it…

In…various reincarnations only the ego and layers of personal subconscious adapt new characteristics. Other portions retain their experience, identity, and knowledge. The ego, in fact, receives much of its stability because of this retention. Were it not for experiences in other lives on the part of deeper layers of the self, the ego would find it almost impossible to relate to other individuals, and the cohesive nature of society would not exist.

305 [dreams:]

If you would have some idea of what the probable universe is like, then examine your own dreams…

You may not be able to make sense from what appears to be a chaotic jungle of disconnected images and actions. The main reason for your confusion is the inability of an egotistical identity to perceive order that is not based upon continuity of moments. The order within the probable system is based upon something that could be compared to subjective associations or intuitive flashes of insight – experiences that can combine ingredients that could appear to the ego as disconnected. Here they are combined into whole integrated patterns of action.

The probable system does not achieve its order through subjective association, but the term is the nearest I can use to approximate the basic causes for this order. The events within it are, indeed, objective and concrete within their own field of reality;… Your own system is real and concrete only within its own field, remember.


You use probabilities like blocks to build events. This presupposes inner knowledge and calculations, for you must be aware of the probabilities in order to choose from them. The inner self, therefore, has this knowledge. These probabilities include webworks, probable actions and reactions involving not only yourself but others. Computers are toys compared with these inner workings.

The majority of events do not “solidify” until the last moment, in your terms… Each event you form from any set of probabilities automatically gives rise to new probabilities. … Probabilities expand in terms of value fulfillment. One given act… has offshoots in infinite directions, and these have offshoots.


… learned secondary responses… The inner senses alone are equipped to process and perceive other reality systems. Even the distortions can be kept at a minimum with training… Development of the inner senses is a …method of perceiving other realities, and followed correctly, the ego is not only stronger but more flexible. Even consciousness of physical reality is increased… The root assumptions are so a part of your existence that they cloud your dreams. Beneath them, however, portions of the self perceive physical reality in an entirely different fashion, free of the tyranny of objects and physical form. Here you experience concepts directly, without the need for symbols.


… The primary dream experience is finally woven into a structure composed of these assumptions, and it is these you remember. These serve you as basic information but the information is in symbolic form. Objects… are symbols. Dream objects are often symbols of realities that the ego could not otherwise perceive.


…time and space… are both a part of something else. They are merely the camouflage patterns by which you perceive reality. Space as you perceive it in the dream state comes much closer to the reality… the dream universe is obviously closely connected with your own, since pseudo-objects are present… Within the dream state, you are in the “outward” areas of the physically oriented universe… There are other systems all about and within your own. The undifferentiated areas move out like spirals, through all reality. Little resistance is encountered within them. They represent inner roads that connect systems, as well as divide them.

It is possible, theoretically, to travel to any system in this manner and bypass others… Most of the knowledge gained escapes the ego, and the experiences cannot be translated by the physical brain… some of the data would be retained by inner portions of the self. In a creative individual, some of this information might be symbolically expressed in a painting or other work of art… Each brushstroke of a painting represents concentrated experience and compressed perceptions.

True motion has nothing to do with space. The only real motion is that of the traveling consciousness.

Excerpts from

Seth, Dreams and Projection of Consciousness


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