Sunday, 17 August 2014

A Traveling Healer

Travel And Become A Silent Healer

by: Mats Loefkvist

When you travel the world you learn to be humble and accept other people’s culture and way of living. There are so many ways to live a life and we can learn something new from every person and country we visit. The knowledge brings us an opportunity to be a healer for people and nations with a closed mind.

The language is no barrier.

Small kids never mind other kids regardless of color or race, they can keep playing for a whole day without being able to understand each other’s language.

Although they are not orally communicating, they do understand each other perfectly. There is no miscommunication.

As an adult we have the same ability although we do not trust it. Our feelings tell us more than we like to believe and regardless of how we respond, we still have a feeling about it.

When you travel as an adult you relearn to be sensitive to your feelings, being able to understand the message that other cultures and people are communicating.

The meeting.

I heard the story of two older monks that met after many years. Half an hour they were sitting in front of each other without a word. Finally both bowed and left the meeting place.

One younger monk observed them and later asked why they didn’t say a word? The older monk answered that everything was said with total clarity.

Culture chock in your own country.

It is very common to get a culture chock in your own country after returning home from a longer travel. Suddenly you will discover how people live and what they believe in. Although it was always there, in front of your eyes, you never really saw it.

It can be a chocking experience to recognize how ignorant and inflexible many people are.

Often people have told me that I am wasting my money on traveling, when I could have bought a new car or a better TV set.

An experience last forever, a car does not.

If you learned your lesson well during your world travel, you will be humble and grateful for your knowledge. There will be many ways to communicate your wisdom among fiends and groups, which can truly help solving racism and cultural tensions.

The story about the monks will also apply to the higher consciousness that you have gained through your travels, which does not need to be orally communicated.

Only by being present, will broadcast the message to your surrounding and people can choose to accept it and be attracted to your person or reject it and avoid you. You are still healing people wherever you go.


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