Tuesday, 9 December 2014

What is BusinessNetworker.com?

I’ve recently come across a new social platform called BusinessNetworker.com.  At first you might tend to think (as I did) that this is another replica of Linkedin, and on the surface you might be right as there are many similar features.  But where BusinessNetworker.com takes a drastic turn is in how it handles Internet Marketing and Online Business.  I find that Linkedin is a fantastic site, but is little more than a glorified resume, enabling people from various industries and parts of the world to check you out, and see who has endorsed your skills.  Again, fantastic resume building platform, and near complete replacement for sites like Monsters.ca etc.  But where BusinessNetworker plans to take things could be very interesting indeed, especially those folks who are into Online Marketing and sales.

BusinessNetworker.com enables an actual storefront, and ability to sell directly to other people in the network.  This completely goes in the face of “Facebook Business” or marketing through existing social networks, which generally frown on pushing content to your “friends.”  BusinessNetworker actually seems to have a platform to host your own sales pages, content pages, transactional systems, and even a place to sell online coaching/classes.  As someone who personally has created several products in the Online Marketing space, it’s great to see there are some one stop shops opening up that are giving new businesses a quick and affordable platform to do business.  Instead of focusing hours on building the sales pages, or backend transaction systems, the business owner can focus strictly on the content they are delivering.  BusinessNetworker actually creates relationships, and makes those relationships transactional.  There’s no mistake why you’re a part of the system, and no bad blood between friends when pitching your new product.  It’s a surprisingly simple and brilliant approach to solving the MLM/IM (Internet marketing) startup dilemma.

When I built my websites, I ended up using expensive software, and doing much of the work myself. Whatever I couldn’t do, I ended up outsourcing to developers to complete the job. This ended up being a very costly route, and very time consuming at that. Instead of focusing on what I should have… which is enhancing the actual product offering, I spent an incredible amount of time getting the technology right.  After frustration, I looked online for a solution to the various technical problems inherent in doing this yourself, and the only systems out there that offered anything close to a complete MLM/IM package were places like Leadpages.net, and those guys are awesome but VERY expensive. They also don’t do everything for you, as you still have to build it all yourself, and tie in your various transactional providers. Again, lots of work for the startup online business owner.

That’s why I’m very impressed with the initiative and work coming forward from BusinessNetworker.com, and I hope this trend of high value, all-in-one social systems continues to gather momentum.  It will definitely make it easier for me down the road when I’m looking to enter into more active online coaching, or direct product sales… so I look forward to seeing what they come up with after their launch.  And on top of solving the online storefront issue, it ties in social networking aspects also.  Let’s see if they can create a successful marriage between the fun of online communities, and the power of online transactions.



What is BusinessNetworker.com?