Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Emotional Mastery – Basic Concepts

We are emotional beings who experience life through our feelings and can have more than one feeling at a time

Hiding and stuffing our feelings just does not work as repressed emotions surface in dysfunctional ways

The control of our emotions is actually inside of them

When our feelings are present we are meant to learn and do something

Our feelings are not permanent as they come and go

Feeling our feelings is not going to kill us while not feeling them, likely will

It is not our fault that we don’t know what to do with our feelings as no one ever taught us

Based on the current mainstream definitions of emotions, we really could do nothing but avoid, repress, bury and react when our feelings were active

Much of the trouble between people, cultures and countries is caused by not knowing what to do with our feelings

When we know what we are feeling and what to do with them, we are experiencing emotional mastery