Saturday, 8 November 2014

Motivation about Your Career Goals

by: Matthew Goudge

Many of us, when we were young, dream of many things to get once we get old. We wanted to be a nurse, a doctor, a teacher, an engineer, an architect or even a spaceman. We want to be all of them when we grow up. But as we go along in life, and gain a greater understanding of it, some of the lucky ones among us step by step tunnel-visioned ourselves into that specific dream.

The decision to follow this dream may have come out from an experience that looks to draw us to it, or the realization of what we really want out of life or how we go about living it. But someway, somewhere, and at a certain time we will choose to be what we want to be. We will look for our career path. And finally this career will be our passion.

Firstly, though we must set our career goals, we should make them as specific as possible so that we can have particular plans of actions that will specifically guide us to that dream result. These goals though we should make realistic.

They should be something you can actually get to be. Actually, you can be anything you want to be but to get there. But you have to accept the reality that anything so far high in a life’s goal is not as easy as calculating from 1 to 3. So take it one step at a time. Make a plan to reach that goal that is step-by-step and efficient. Slowly but surely as we they say.

Plan a short-term goal first. The first plan should be to get to the right job and to be at the right place. Choose a place that would open for you a lot of chances, particularly chances to grow, career-wise and personally. Then you can get from there. Follow the steps to success; go from one level to the next. If you get lucky, may be you can skip some levels. This is possible as we have seen in life from time to time.

All these times though, hold on to your motivations. It may be that flaming dream that you have had since you were a kid. There is nothing that could compare to the feeling of having your childhood dreams realized. So that hope is a very extreme motivation.

For whom you are reaching so hard for is another motivation. Generally these are family members that serve as our purpose to be the best we can be. Not only do they inspire us to provide for them financially but sometimes more importantly we want to give pride for them, for our family. Our loved ones and friends and other people and things that we care about can even be a greater motivation than what we hope for ourselves.

In the end the best motivation could be what makes us happy. What we choose to be now can guide to us being happy all our lives, or to being unhappy. So we must continuously remind ourselves of these things, because they will specify our career goals. And they will keep up our motivation to reach these dreams.