Thursday, 20 November 2014

How to be Happy and Stay Happy

By Gracie Canfield

Most of us experience happiness as momentary feelings of pleasure during the highs and lows of daily life. However, it is possible to know happiness on an ongoing basis by practicing right thinking and the practical use of universal laws.

Many people at this time are in search of a tried and true solution to happiness through whatever means they can find. “How to be Happy” is even a question that is searched on the Web using Google over 60,000 times around the world every month. So many searches appears to be a powerful indication of discontent within the general population.

There’s quite a bit of advice available by self-help books and internet based sources about following your heart and offering gratitude as avenues to obtaining happiness – and these are excellent factors, but what about those who don’t actually experience that gratitude, or simply don’t have the assets to follow their heart? There must be a bit more to happiness than these suggestions.

Find Happiness by Applying Universal Laws

What is it about your present state of affairs that is less than gratifying? Maybe it’s the absence of quality relationships, too much debt or a job that you don’t like. You can start right now to change your life for the better and learn how to be happy by being conscious of particular universal laws that govern reality.


Happiness (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Your present state of affairs in life is generally a result of ideas, choices and actions taken within the past. The quality of those actions will determine the standard of your life. In other words, the universe will throw back to you what you give out. This is the universal law of cause and effect and there’s no preference for good or bad – it works in any case. Wishful thinking has no bearing on this law and is the reason why so many people fail in getting what they want in life.

Begin by Watching Your Thoughts…

Your capability for happiness arises with the working knowledge of this law. Begin by practicing the Golden Rule and make it a mission to treat others as you would like to be treated – and see what happens over time. This is easier said than done and you will make plenty of mistakes, however your life will be enhanced incrementally if you stick with it consistently.

Be aware your thoughts and follow them. Are they leading you to make rash or emotional decisions? Poor decisions result in ineffective actions which in turn down grade you standard of life. Having a wider awareness of this law is the key to bringing forth that happiness within. This happiness is in realizing you have the methods to make rewarding life adjustments that will last.