Sunday, 5 October 2014

Would You Seriously Examine Your Life?

Why Not Seriously Examine Your Life?

by: Fatimah Musa

You are actually much more that what you are displaying physically and mentally.

Is your life filled with mundane chores, stale relationships, doubts and insecurities? Does your mind tend to gravitate toward negative thoughts and lack? Are your living a life with little sign of advance and growth?

How did you arrive at where you are now? What does your present experience really mean?

Probably you might have allowed someone else to do your thinking and run your life. You could have also concentrated more on your problems and difficulties and instead of challenging them, gave in and quit finding for solutions.

You may have lived a life without goals and dreams and let yourself go with the flow. You could even have waited and hoped that someone might come along and help you get out of the rut.

You may have focused on the negative and failed to find the positive in things. You are not even aware of what gives you pleasure and do not know how to turn your pain around.

You have allowed your “autopilot” to direct your thoughts, actions and dialogues. You don’t know how you got into your state of depression or anger but responded as you always have, to someone or something that triggered it.

You are an expert at flashing out pictures of past mistakes and hurts in your head but do not know how to tune in fond and pleasant memories. You keep hearing voices inside telling you what you should do and how you should behave but have not even pondered on whose voice or where it came from.

You are afraid to ask for what you want and refuse to learn from your experiences and from others. You stick around with the same people who drain your energy and make you feel miserable because of your fear of feeling alone and lost. You don’t make new friends because you are afraid of being rejected.

How and what would you change your experiences?

It is in your attitude.

1. Make a firm decision to change into someone better.

2 Find something that get you totally motivated to do.

3. Examine what causes you pain and makes you revolt.

4. Find something useful and focus on the positive in every outcome or behavior in yours or other people.

5. Ask yourself better questions and take notice of your thoughts and self-talks.

6. Create better pictures inside your head.

7. Spend a little quiet time alone on a regular basis.

8. Learn all that you can learn, take action and act courageously.


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