Sunday, 5 October 2014

Mastery Begins With Excitement

From The Journals of The Inner Process – Mastery Begins with Excitement

On the journey towards mastery, how does one begin? Essentially mastery itself can be taken in many contexts. From a particular subject matter’s point of view, or in a wider context… mastery of your life itself. But how does one begin? The easiest way to start is to follow your excitement. As you follow your excitement, it will lead you to further excitement, and from there… further excitement. The emotional experience of excitement is one of the highest vibrational frequencies that we have access to. When in this mode of frequency, you will attract to yourself the subjects, people, places, and events which will lead you to your self mastery. The depth that you experience in these subjects are relative to how excited you are about the topic. As you experience more depth, you are exploring the endless depths of yourself. It is here that mastery begins. Enjoy the video.

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