Friday, 10 October 2014

Don’t Sell Yourself Short

Value or Undervalue Self – ‘Don’t Sell Yourself Short’

by: Pamela Skuse

A client came to me one day and asked for a Who Am I Formula reading session. He did not declare his issue. I found out later that it was about a business proposition in selling off some of his assets or being involved in another partnership. His reading revealed exactly what his issue was about, but there were two important factors that he needed to understand for him to appreciate and get full benefits from his reading.

Value or Undervalue Self

The main message about his business proposal was: ‘Don’t sell yourself short’, don’t prostitute yourself out – your skills, abilities and worthiness, don’t wait for another to buy you – to do things for you – to be desperate, to be dependent upon another. Don’t undervalue yourself, underrate, underestimate and put too small a price on your product and services – this dictates your level of worth. Avoid thinking too little of self by failing to appreciate who you are. Stop trading-in your skills and flogging your creativity as second-hand abilities! Don’t wait on the street corner for another to pick you up, to pick up your victim pieces after you have fallen in smoky surroundings. Don’t think too little of yourself by allowing another to carry your baggage just to suit their agendas – that appeasement, obligation and compromise will enslave and disempower you.

Know that you are unique and that you have everything within you to attain anything that you desire. Honour and accept yourself, value and hold yourself in high regard, respect and love the worthiness of self, trust your own wisdom, knowledge and skills and cherish your self-esteem. What you are within is reflected in the outer – to be attracted back to you.

There were another 2 Main Factors to Understand and Appreciate the Value of Self

1. Release expectations and agendas on your perceived outcome

2. Release expectations and agendas on your perceived time frame

Let’s take a look at each individual category:

1. Release expectations on your perceived outcome is to ‘Know-No-Agenda’ – This means you must have no expectations on what the outcome should be and have no conditions on what others should be, do or have. Agenda limits the structure of energy, to where that condition becomes stuck. The most important scenario in creating new choices is to let go of having certain expectations on how your outcome should look like. This goes beyond planning, because setting goals limits new potentials to come in – it only allows you to create what your mind knows and it does not allow your imagination to explore into unknown potentials. The mind is limited in its ability to think, feel and reason beyond what it knows. In other words, ‘the mind does not know beyond what it knows’ and it is fearful of the unknown and of change. So if you stipulate what your outcome should look like you are limiting a grander opportunity to come in. This unknown potential is way beyond your present consciousness, it is beyond your present day-dreaming state or what your imagination can perceive and conceive in your now moment state of being.

There are so many potentials on your creator-supermarket shelf, many of which are hidden behind other dominant items. As your consciousness grows so too will your potentials – they will come into the forefront of your creator-supermarket shelf. Releasing your expectation and agendas on what you should be, do and have also releases disappointments and self-belittlement, yet when the unexpected does arrive, greater fulfilment, excitement and wisdom is experienced.

2. Release expectations and agendas on your perceived time frame – This means you do not need to set a time when you should succeed or when you should receive something or when something should happen. If you set a date for something to happen, and it doesn’t happen by that date, you automatically belittle yourself, you feel that you have failed, so you loose trust in yourself and because it doesn’t work, you give up and stop pursuing that desire. Also, if you dwell upon that failed event you bring that past wound into your future to repeat the same pattern. Then you miss the boat, you miss out on something better or grander to come in afterwards. In other words, do not have an agenda on when something should happen, as once again some other event may need to happen first. You may need to clear old wounds; to close the door on old events or you may need to address another issue before a new door can open. You may need to release past failures that are blocking the attraction process before your desire can manifest.

How did my client perceive this Who Am I Formula reading session?

He realized that he didn’t need to set time limits and he had to let go of having expectations on how, when, why and where something should occur – he learnt to allow energy to flow by accepting all things as they are. He had to ‘stick to his guns’ so to speak – not to give in, ‘not to sell himself short’ or undervalue his worth, not to feel desperate for that victim condition attracts shark feeders. He had to sell his knowledge, his assets for the value of what it is worth.

In the first scenario a buyer looked at his proposal, he seemed very enthusiastic, but didn’t respond after the proposition. My client did not move from his fair offer, even though it was possible to fall short when he was feeling desperate to gain a sale. A couple of months later, he received another offer – but it was a very low offer on selling his assets. A couple of weeks later the buyer came back to double his price, with fewer limits and conditions. The sale went through.