Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Symptoms of a Weak Mind


Perspective_A_Weak_mind The mind of all things about the human experience, is one of the most powerful journeys to travel through, but there are a lot of things that can easily stop it from reaching its maximum potential.

  1. A weak mind is one that does not seek to learn and grow, It is more concerned with just existing and most times is content with not being challenged to do better or be better for growth. It’s comfortable and content and lazy, it doesn’t desire to growth or increase

  2. Atmosphere_ Most atmospheres(places like home work social interaction)that do not provide healthy interaction that allows the mind to grow to become a resource tool for making decisions that can allow your life to explore untapped and unknown areas of interest that could change your life around tremendously.

  3. Associations_ Once again the company you keep has a lot to do with what you do, where you go, and how it will affect you. The mind should always be called upon to to want to excel to a higher level of function but if the associations (interactions with others) you’re around drain and zap you, you will easily become stagnant.

  4. Motivation_If you’re not goal oriented and self motivated this can cause the mind to just wander aimlessly on its on course to no where. When you don’t have a course of action in place, you’re more prone to take short cuts and detour from your course of action due to lack of patience or confidence in accomplishing your dreams.

  5. Duality of Mind

    Duality of Mind (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    Self Esteem_This really sets the tone. A lot of your future is tied into this arena. If the atmosphere you grow up in is negative you will easily copy what you’re exposed to, which is affectionately referred to as learned behavior. The behavior starts at childhood and most times is not corrected so that maximum potential can be reached. You gravitate more and more to the negative because you’ve become comfortable with it and it seemly does not require any commitment to change and rewards in either direction you choose.

Weak minds feed off of negative people, places and things, their goals is to suck the very life out of you because its goal is to not allow you to discover your hidden potential. They feed off of things that are helpless, unmotivated and willing to function on a higher level.


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