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STO and STS: A philosophical exploration

The following are philosophical explorations of the concept that there are two distinct polarities, STO (service to others) and STS (service to self), at work behind the scenes and within the human drama.

While some may find the following material to be impractical, many who have experienced the ultimate weirdness of gang stalking find meaning in considerations such as these. If such material is not useful to you, then it’s not useful; each individual must decide what is meaningful for them.

What many have come to call The Matrix is essentially a hyperdimensional teaching/learning system. Within this system there appear to be two distinct branches, or polarities: STO and STS , service-to-others and service-to-self. It seems as developing beings we encounter various experiences related to STO and STS , with the goal of becoming aware of these facets within the world and within ourselves. On the surface these are the good guys and the bad guys. At the deepest layers these are but two facets of the infinity of Creation, and do not really exist on other layers of reality, as everyone serves themselves and the Whole. It seems to me that distinctions like STO and STS are useful tools as humans because we are learning to take more active parts in the creation of reality as it unfolds. As people waking up from previous notions about reality and the way things work, our attention is drawn to the gray area in between these extremes. In this stage of development there appears to be a clashing of STO and STS.

Where did we come from?

At some point we each developed from a hive consciousness (also referred to as 2nd-density. Most animals belong to this group, with the most developed members about to reach soul individuation. Many humans still cling to this way of moving in the world). Having unique experiences eventually led to our branching off from collective consciousness to become the unique individuals that we are today.

In a larger view, STO and STS are different ways of experiencing and developing as conscious beings. In a less polarized perspective, even STS beings serve others because everything and everyone adds to the All. Within this larger view, STO and STS are seen merely as polarities that ‘do work’. For example, a circuit has both positive and negative poles, without these poles, no electricity is produced and no work can be done.

Since this 3rd-density realm is largely concerned with learning to discern between the polarities, we are given opportunities to do just that. These come in the form of encounters with both STO and STS entities and experiences. Some are humans who have decided on one path or the other, and some are higher (more developed in consciousness) beings who, as well as helping us learn, seek to offer a choice between the two paths. For STO beings this means offering additional perspective. For STS beings this means attempting to indoctrinate us toward the STS way of seeing things. This is where free will comes in. STS beings attack free will by attempting to influence us into giving up our free will. I do not believe that choosing a side means anything like a difference between those who will make it to heaven and those who will not move forward or go to hell. These distinctions STO and STS are just temporary labels/tools that can be useful in exploring the different ways in which we create and experience reality.

What about outright attacks that violate a person’s free will?

There are differing views on this, as with most things. Some people believe that we essentially create what we experience through our thoughts and beliefs, and the choices we make that also contribute. The problem that some people see with this view is that it’s disturbing to think that of all the horrible things that can happen in life, even the most innocent people may have somehow attracted the experiences. I think that there is a lot of truth to ‘you create your reality’, but that such a simple phrase expresses a surface understanding; in practice it is much more complex and our differing levels of consciousness and development of free will have a lot to do with the complexities.

Some believe that we are each living out our lives with the help of a ‘life script’ created by our higher self, a portion of ourselves; the life script affording for certain learning opportunities to arise throughout our lives. If this is the case then seemingly even the most difficult or horrific experiences are things we can learn from. Of course the assumption of a life script is that there is more to existence than living just one life. I say assumption in the general analysis step, as for myself I have observed and experienced too many patterns of continuous life to have any other perspective –that said, I think we as beings endowed with free will can even choose not to continue -or something like that anyway.

I digress a bit here, but I think that where early STS types decide such a path through wanting to be sure they survive, someone who is further along on this path and starts to encounter the entropy that tends to happen when they do their best to suck on and leech energy from everything around them eventually starts feeling really uncomfortable and hating existence, even to the degree that they imagine themselves able to suck and suck until they Pop into a black hole of non-being. Similarly, it seems that those who are yet uncomfortable with the idea that our actions and ideas we hold all add up and create who we are, and that this is a never ending process, can sometimes feel so overwhelmed that they try to ignore the urgings from nature to grow up and take the reigns of their share of reality creation. Of course people in this phase are great opportunities (potential pawns) for more aware STS types.

The view of one’s life having a script does not mean that everything is predetermined, but that a list of lesson types is scripted (by us!), yet our decisions and actions, as well as those of others, determine how these learning opportunities come about. So too our actions and decisions play a role in how easy or difficult the lessons are to learn. Some lessons may take more repetitions to learn from if we are not able to discern the deeper meaning the first time a learning opportunity presents itself.

And then some believe that life’s misfortunes are a combination of scripted learning opportunities and rather unscripted interference by more developed STS type beings. Some feel that the higher self allows such interference to penetrate our experience for the sake of learning. Whether you believe that negative interference is allowed or not, the fact is that it does happen and the best we can do is to learn from these interferences by developing more awareness so as to be able to avoid them in the future.

Sides? What’s wrong with just mucking along and making ends meet?

The short answer: Nothing really, unless you run into an STS being (if you’re reading this, you probably have), in which case it’s an opportunity to either expand one’s understanding and consciousness, or to run the risk of being sucked into the STS hierarchy (or repeating this phase of learning until you grasp the necessary understanding).

Within a group of STO oriented people, self development is consciously in tune with a greater good, with awareness and caring about whether something is beneficial for another being in addition to what it means for us personally. Within STS groups, there is not a group per se, but a hierarchical food chain where the more powerful bid and feed on the less powerful. For the sake of discussion let’s label those who have yet to wake up ‘Undecided’. (Please note that this label is for discussion and understanding STS-STO dynamics for those experiencing negative interference. Some people who might appear to fall into the category ‘undecided’ may just be STO types busy acting out their own life mission which has little to do with direct STO-STS conflict. I refer to Undecideds here, as those people who are being manipulated by STS yet do their best to ignore it.)

Undecideds tend not to have as developed sense of free will and so do not fully utilize their free will when it comes to analyzing life’s opportunities. For example, if given choice A or choice B, such beings are less likely to discover and implement a ‘choice C’, an altogether different action of their own determination. Not utilizing free will makes people relatively easy prey for STS beings looking to inject their own views and agendas, which seek to limit the perspectives of others. Such STS lessons surround the basic tenet “it’s a dog eat dog world and the best self can do is look out for #1″.

Another concept worth interjecting here is that of ‘organic portals’. As touched on above, hive consciousness (some call 2nd-density) is a more primitive state where individual members are like fingers of a hand, they make actions based on a collective pool of information, without individually processing and understanding. The information that one picks up is eventually added to the pool of shared information, but is generally not consciously acted upon. While many people are fully individuated and have split off from hive consciousness, it appears that not all people have reached this level of individuality. There being degrees of development everywhere one looks, this is not as alien in concept as it may at first seem. In theory, organic portals are beings who, while on their way to full individuation, have yet to attain a breaking away from hive consciousness. As such, these beings appear physically to be the same as fully individuated beings, yet for the most part function more like robots who run on the beliefs and gathered information of the collective. On their own, these are not malicious beings, but portals through which the hive consciousness seeks to understand individuality. When manipulated by more conscious STS types, organic portals can become malicious agents. Granted, any one who lets go of their awareness can fall prey to STS manipulations, but organic portals do not have the same opportunity/capacity to learn and make adjustment to the individual perspectives and actions.

STO and STS beings and behaviors regarding gang stalking

In one sense, stalkers and targets are all learning lessons about discerning between STS and STO, ’service-to-self’ and ’service-to-others’ (respectively). ‘Undecideds’ are those who are ignorant of the distinction –that is, they are relatively unconscious or asleep; they have not chosen to be on either side, and/or they stand to benefit from better understanding through experiencing one or the other more distinctly. This is the whole notion of there always being someone behind the wheel of our thoughts and emotions, hopefully it’s ourselves, but someone/something is controlling our actions even if it’s not a conscious self. When a person does not utilize their free will (all the related nifty tools like observation and intuition) they are essentially vessels, or vectors of attack for battles between blossoming individuals on more particularly STS or STO paths. –since STS beings have no problem with manipulating others they try to actively puppet Undecideds, where STO types tend to be more solitary and develop their strength through the attack by multiplicity that STS types dish out when they can.

It seems that many targets tend to be very compassionate people who are working on STO lessons in which we as individuals are taking on multiple ‘Undecideds’ who are influenced by those working on STS type lessons. STS beings serve themselves by manipulating anyone and everyone they can, again, to suit their own selfish ends without regard for other’s individual needs or desires (except for where it suits their own). Because consciously STS types work at influencing others to give up their free will, and seek to limit the perspectives of others, it seems that Undecideds tend to fall under the influence of STS (either through negative encounters or indoctrination) unless their own development is balanced enough to be able to discern such attacks.

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