Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Keith Ward on Crystal Healing


Crystal Healing Explained

by: Keith Ward

People used crystals for centuries for healing and magical rituals. Their very appearance is mystifying so it’s no wonder that the Western world latched onto the use of crystals as an alternative medical treatment. Edgar Cayce, an American insurance representative who went into trances to heal people, read the past and future was the person who first made crystal healing popular in America. His uncanny accuracy about people and events that occurred at great distances from him gave him credibility when he talked of the lost city of Atlantis in the 1930′s. He told of the amazing power of the crystal and how the citizens of Atlantis used that power for energy, communication and power. Today, we use crystal substances in our computers.

The belief that the crystal is a tool that magnifies and isolates the energy of the universe to heal specific areas of the body has long been a tool for ancient healers. The colour of the stone used depends on the part of the body they attempt to heal. The “prana” from India and “chi” of Chinese medicine both are life forces that circulate through the body. The chakra is the energy whorls located at various spots where the prana exists. In Chinese medicine, the chi follows a meridian and circulates. The use of crystals, in both cases, is to either enhance the energy or unblock it at specific points.

Originally, there were many chakra points, but now there are seven, which are commonly used. The root chakra located on the tailbone uses garnet, bloodstone, rubies and onyx to bring energy. The sacral chakra in the abdomen below the navel vibrates to carnelian, moonstone and hematite. The solar plexus chakra in the area directly above the navel uses citrine, amber and topaz. If you need to improve your heart, use rose quartz or Chinese fluorite. Aquamarine and turquoise are the healers for the throat chakra and the forehead chakra requires amethyst, sapphire or turquoise and the crown chakra uses amethyst and clear quarts. While these are traditional, some crystal healers use simply clear quarts in their practice.

Sometimes the person receiving the healing energies lies as the person versed in crystal healing places the stones on the various charkas. Other times, there is no formal session but the person seeking healing carries the crystal in their pocket or a specially made cloth bag pinned near the chakra. Those that carry the stone often seek emotional healing and carry the crystal closely associated with the body part known to create that emotion.

While there is some research into the area of crystal healing, most of the scientific community believes that the healing comes from the placebo effect. Information regarding the electromagnetic force of the body, however, could change that. Doctors use MRI machines to check people’s health every day. EKG’s and EEG’s record the body’s electrical charge. This is nothing more than their life force. Crystals are part of the civilized world’s economy. When you turn on your computer, crystals bring the communication of the world to your desktop. While no one knows whether crystals do the same for the body, it’s one possibility that many people believe and use as an alternate method of healing on a daily basis.

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