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What is Kundalini energy?

What is kundalini energy?

There is an important energy in each of us centered in the tail bone area. Usually this energy functions on a low level and we don’t notice it consciously. This energy is much stronger in case of certain peak experiences, life and death situations or periods of major change in our lives. What does this energy do? Combined with other energies (in our food and from the earth, sun, the air, spiritual realms etc.), it forms an essential part of our life. Without kundalini there is no life! It has an essential function in the formation, development and changes of our bodies during our entire life. It can both reinforce our emotions and mental concentration and also disturb these! On a spiritual level, it can lead to peak experiences and can help to realise moments of unity with our Self and the God within (the enlightenment experience). If we start developing the kundalini energy in a conscious way, ‘doors keep opening’ in our spiritual development and new areas for healing and spiritual attunement become available. Step by step the aura reader and healer will discover new possibilities in treating his or her clients.

Seven levels of awakening

In the development of kundalini in the body, seven levels or stages of awakening can be distinguished. In each level the kundalini has its own pattern of energy. On the first level, for example, the kundalini flows mostly in the energy body as a quiet and, if not disturbed, often pleasant energy. On the second level the kundalini starts flowing as fountains of energy. The fountain can flow in the body but can also flow out of our crown chakra and hands. Peak experiences in which we have the feeling that everything in us and around us ‘flows’ involve often this second level of kundalini activity. On higher levels of kundalini awakening the energy becomes more intense and also the flow pattern of the energy changes. By doing certain energy excercises it is possible to develop the kundalini gradually and to master higher levels of awakened kundalini.

Other levels of kundalini activation

Mastery of the seven levels of kundalini activation frees the way to other ways of kundalini arousal. One important way is for instance the “decurling” of the 3 1/2 winding in the kundalini centres. This too can contribute to a process of continuing spiritual development and exploring the ultimate source within.

New possibilities in spiritual development

One of the fascinating things is that during this awakening process new elements of our spiritual self become disclosed. Examples of these processes include: making the vital life forces more conscious, discovering the memory stores of this life and other lives, becoming aware of what happens during our sleep, the origin and functions of our subpersonalities, the role of kundalini in conception and gestation of the human embryo, the field of power we can radiate with kundalini energy, the causal energy bodies, the seats of the soul, experiences of unity and so on. All of them contribute to a deeper understanding and knowing of who we are. It allows also to meet our fellow human beings at a more deeper, more essential level.

Discovery journey

Kundalini Someone who starts developing his or her kundalini energy in a conscious way with meditative excercises, aurahealing and, if possible, aurareading embarkes on a mystical discovery journey in the world of spiritual healing and development.

Kundalini Meditation

Sit or lie down in a private, safe space (bathtub is fine). Bring all your attention to your breath. As you breathe out, imagine waves flowing out of you with your breath. Breathe out waves of water, of energy, of color, of sound. Allow these waves to flow out of you. Notice where you are tensing, pushing, trying to make the waves happen. And let go, let the waves flow out easily with your breath. Feel the gentle pulsations of the waves deep inside yourself. Feel every cell of your being pulsing peacefully and joyfully with these waves. When you are ready, begin to draw in red vibrations with your inhalation. Envision yourself filling up with glowing, sparkling, swirling, hot, steaming red. Feel fast spirals of red boiling inside; feel slow vortices of red churning inside. Then breathe out and feel the red flowing out of you in waves. Dissolve into the waves as you breathe out. With each inhalation, increase the intensity, sharpen the sensation of red: let it be hotter, richer, deeper, more vivid, more consuming. Inhale sun-ripened tomato flesh, sweet cherry juice dribbling down your chin, a sudden flush of menstrual blood blossoming on your clothes. Inhale the seething red sun as it sets into a heaving red sea. Inhale the essence of red roses. Inhale the color of strawberries, the scent of raspberries, the sensation of red satin. Inhale red. Then breathe it all out. Pause. Feel the emptiness. Inhale red. Say, out loud or silently: “Sometimes I get upset.” Blow out any remaining air as though you were blowing out a candle. Pause. Breathe in red and say again: “Sometimes I get upset.” Blow. Pause. Inhale. “Sometimes I get upset.” Blow, pause, inhale, and say, in big red letters: “Sometimes I get angry.” Blow. Pause. Inhale. “Sometimes I get angry.” Blow. Pause. Inhale. “Sometimes I get angry.” Exhale forcibly. Pause in the emptiness. Inhale red. Say, with passion: “Sometime I feel furious.” Again: blow, pause, inhale, and say: “Sometimes I feel furious.” Blow. Pause. Inhale. And with intensity say: “Sometimes I feel furious.” Exhale strongly. Make a noise. Pause. Inhale bright red and say or yell: “I.” Exhale loudly. Pause. Inhale red; say/yell: “am.” Again, exhale with a noise, pause, inhale red. Say/yell: “enraged.” Breathe out for as long as you can and inhale very slowly. Be intense, be loud if you want to, as you say: “I want to scream.” Breathe out, pause, inhale. “I want to kick.” Breathe out, pause, inhale. “I want to beat my fists.” Breathe out for as long as you can and inhale very slowly. Sigh or moan as you breathe out. Breathe out with a long sigh. Inhale velvet red, and acknowledge: “Sometimes I only want to think about my pleasure.” Breathe out, pause, inhale satin red, and say: “Sometimes I have very sexual thoughts.” Sigh fully and pause. Inhale lipstick red and assert: “Sometimes I only want to think about my pleasure.” Breathe out with a long, slow, sound. Inhale blood red and say: “My entire being is nothing but waves of sensation.” Sigh, pause, breathe in tropical sunset red and say: “I am nothing but waves of sensation.” Sigh and become empty. Wait a moment before inhaling the fresh red of dewy rose petals and say: “I am only waves of sensation.” Breathe out with a loud sigh or moan. See how long you can sustain the exhalation. Breathe slowly and consciously for three breaths. Let the air you breathe be crystalline: clear, sharp, compelling. Let your third inhalation be deeply nourishing, your third exhalation completely freeing. Pay special attention to the energy in your root chakra (lower pelvis). When you are ready, open your eyes. Get up. Stretch. Record your impressions in words or colors.

Susunna & Udana Channels

Udana and susunna The central channel that runs along the spinal column is called the susunna channel. it is the susunna channel that the chakras ground to when awakened and it is here at the base of the susunna channel that we find the Kundalini energy it is golden in colour and the upper area of the susunna channel when awaken is called the udana channel or laser line. udana laser line grounds the aligns the upper three chakras together as shown in the image below

Udana Laser Line

Udana The udana line links the 5th,6th, and 7th chakras together. The udana line is the upper part of the susunna and the susunna is the cord that runs up and down the spine and links all the chakras together (from Chakra one to chakra seven), from earth chakras too human and planet and star chakras. The udana looks like a vertical cord where all the chakras pour their life energy of consciousness and information into it and that’s where they all collect. So all you have to do is focus on the upper part of the susunna or also called the udana: the reason it is call the udana is its a Sanskrit word for upwards flow of life forces. You see the udana is very important in that it helps the chakras to exist, integrate, and stay connected. The udana is responsible for swallowing, putting a person to sleep, and controlling hunger. It is also responsible for levitation, moistening the body, and helping the immune system, and is also responsible for dimensional travel like teleportation and walking through walls, rock, and other obstacles, etc. So just visualize a small cord the size of your pinkie (fingers) golden white and blue in color. Then visualize udana line forming the base of the throat and moving up through the ajna chakra the top of the head in the middle of your upper part of your body. Now just maintain that visualization and breath energy into it every time you breathe; you’ll see the udana line become more visible in form and in color and along with your visualization become more real and vivid along with every breath. I have always known the udana line to be the channel by which teleportation is perform. But it is only the first stage in teleportation. The second stage of teleportation is the kundalini which runs along the and the susunna is the cord that runs up and down the spine and links all the chakras together (from Chakra one to chakra seven), and is the grounding point to both the earth and the physical plain. the third stage is the ability of Clairsentience found at the second or sacral chakra. the fourth stage in teleportation is the rising of the kundalini energy at the base of the spine this is done by flashing pure white through the udana line down through the susunna channel to the base of the spine and drawing the kundalini energy back up into the body. The fifth stage in teleportation is that of disconnecting from both the the earth and the physical plain of existence. This is done by flashing pure white light through the udana line down susunna channel out through the base chakra down into the earth and drawing the earth star out of the earth. so disconnecting with the earth and the physical plain. at this point claisentience the ability of movement is the lower point as the earth star moves up the body towards the udana the three dan tiens activate and the body transforms into the light being. At this point movement through both time and space is possible. Warning but this technique on teleportation should not be attempted until you have mastered awakening all of the chakra and dan tiens and have learnt all you can about telekinesis and teleportation of physical objects. This technique can be dangerous if you are not ready. Physical Technique But it is advised that you use your visual body when starting with this technique this way there is no fear of being harmed in your practice and remember to record all of you finding with the visual body technique for future reference. before moving on to the physical body. Step One Get comforble and relax. Step Two Then open all of your chakras and relax feel the energy of each one of your chakra moving freely through your body and feel the meridians energies moving freely through you body. Step Three Now in your own time visualize the udana laser line between the throat, ajna and crown chakra and breath in prana energy through your nosie and see the udana laser line charging as you breath out through the nosie continue breathing in and out till the udana laser line is bright and strong. Step Four Now in your own time visualize a pure white light moving down through the crown chakra from the twelve chakra and see it moving through the udana laser line down into the susunna channel along the spinal collom towards the Kundalini energy center at the base of the spine. Step Five Once the pure white light reaches the Kundalini energy Blend both energies together and draw this energy back up into the udana laser line and hold it there. Step Six Now focus your mind on the intented destination and see the destination with your minds eye. Warning When starting out you should start with focusing on the here and now or focus on a destination about one to two meters away and make sure there are no obstructions around the destination point. Step Seven Once you have locked in the destniation in hold your focus on the destination and feel the pure golden white light moving down the through the udana laser line and into the susunna channel out through the base chakra into the earth and hold it there for a moment. Step Eight While holding your focus on the destination feel the earth star and blend the pure golden white energy with the earth star and when your are ready draw the earth star up from the earth and pull it into your body. You are no longer conected with the earth. Step Nine See the golden white energy rising back up through the body but this time see the dan tiens expanding and filling the body with light and in your own time teleport to the new destination. Step Ten once you arrive at the destniation see the pure golden white and moving back down through the udana laser into susunna channel out through the base chakra pulling the earth star back into the earth and hold it there for a moment. Step Eleven See the earth star grounding with the earth feel your corection with the earth. Step Twelve Then in your own time draw the pure golden white energy out of the earth and pull it back up through the base chakra. As it rises see the light body changing back into the physcal body as it passes through the three dan tiens. Take a moment to stablize your body on the physical plain if your need to. Step Thirdteen Once you have completed aligning with the physical plain and the earth open your eyes slowly in your own time. Remember Record all of your finds on this technique. And if you have teleported the visual or physical body with this technique then well done But practice with the visual body first and learn all you can before trying physical teleportation. Source

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