Saturday, 2 August 2014

What is The Ashtar Command…?

In 1980 Thelma B. Terrell, through the publication of the book World Messages for the Coming Decade, announced that she had been in contact with a group of space beings known collectively as the Ashtar Command . They described themselves as residing in a set of thousands of spaceships that hovered above the planet. Through Tuella, the name assumed by Terrell as a channel for the members of the Ashtar Command, the command asserted its desire to speak with world leaders concerning the crisis of the planet. The command explained that it acted as representatives of the Intergalactic Council that derived its authority from the spiritual hierarchy of the solar system. A number of the members of this council and hierarchy were previously known and described by theosophists as members of the theosophical spiritual hierarchy. The head of the hierarchy as described in the material channeled by Tuella is Sananda, better known as Jesus Christ.

While concerned about the imminent world crisis, members of the council are forbidden to interfere in the life of the planet without the approval of the governments, but have to date been unable to confer with such leadership.

According to the command, the planet is soon to go through a period of cleansing, to begin with a tilting of the earth and widespread destruction, and then to enter a new age of Light. The Ashtar Command has as part of its mission the evacuation of those souls who are already walking in the light, during this period of cleansing. The program of world evacuation was announced in Tuella’s second book. The sign of the coming transition will be the tilting of the earth’s axis. As the tilting begins, the computers on the spaceships will lock on the people of Light and lift them off the planet along with the children–those not yet old enough to be accountable. The command wants to meet with the governments to facilitate the most orderly evacuation.

The head of the mission to earth is Ashtar, a space being first channeled and made famous by George Van Tassel, founder of the Ministry of Universal Wisdom. In the intervening years, a number of contactees have brought forth messages from Ashtar, including Oscar Magocsi, Ethel B. Hill, Franklin Thomas, and European contactee Eugenio Siragusa.

Guardian Action Publications was founded to publish and disseminate the messages of the Ashtar command. Along with the several books produced through the 1980s, a newsletter, Ashtar’s Golden Circle, was also issued. In 1988, Ashtar made it known that his work of announcing the mission and the future cataclysm and evacuation had been completed. He would retire until the time of the evacuation. In the meantime, Tuella would continue to disseminate the message to those who had yet to hear and concentrate on working directly with Sananda in bringing forth energies from the spiritual hierarchy, from the very throne of the Father Mother God, to the people of the planet. This new work was signaled by the first issue of a new periodical, The Throne Connection.

Membership: Not reported.

Periodicals: The Throne Connection.


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