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The Mindset for Achieving Your Goals

Getting Into The Right Mindset for Setting and Achieving Goals


shutterstock_745096If you want to be really successful in setting and achieving goals, then you need to develop the right habits and mindset that will keep you on track. There are too many habits and details to mention, so let’s focus on the main habits that you need for setting and achieving goals.

Work Your Tail Off for Setting and Achieving Goals

There will be early daybreaks and late nights. You will be spent. You will question why you began in the first place. Yet, you will keep working hard for setting and achieving goals. Remember, there is no single notable person ever who soared to great heights in life without working like a slave. Massive action means performing better, studying more and suffering more than anyone. keep-score-of-success You have to understand the importance of delayed gratification and own it. Start by nailing down essential tasks, changing your schedule, recording tasks and functions of the day and finding the right people and resources that can assist you. Keep in mind that you have to be as independent as possible to finish more in the long term.

Disciplined Consistency and Consistently Disciplined for Setting and Achieving Goals

Discipline is what separates the leaders from the followers. If you genuinely want to change your life, if you want to up your game, you must produce even if you are tired, while being excellent each and every time. OK, maybe not totally excellent, but at least be consistently good. Notice I did not say you have to be perfect. Aiming for perfection only slows you down and is often an excuse for procrastination. You have to take action, all the time, every time. Your goal is depending on you. Don’t let it down.

Tips for Fitness WomenDiscipline and consistency go hand in hand, because discipline breeds consistency. If you keep going, if you aim to complete your everyday tasks, if you keep taking action, you will find it gets easier and easier. Then, something interesting happens. You start to change as a human being. You learn and do new things, and therefore become different by default. You become better. You become more YOU.

Proud Graduate of the School of Hard Knocks

achieving-goals-418x215When working on your goals, you will hit a wall more times than you care to count, perhaps even literally. People close to you may think you have gone demented. You may lose some pals. You may take criticism from people who have given up on life and expect you to give up on yours. The thick skinned individual always prevails in setting and achieving goals. Also learn from your errors and turn these into more productive actions next time. Learn to pick yourself up after each fall and put in double effort to become better. The most successful people, as well as those who truly left a mark in history, are known to have faced big difficulties and resistance before others understood their inner genius that brought about innovation and change the world had never seen.

Smile, SMILE Gosh Darnit!

2708910e79189e45896b7a5e6b3730fa4094I flex my smile muscle many times a day, even when I don’t feel like smiling. Why? It helps to get me into a confident state of mind. It is also scientifically proven to work. I read inspirational quotes, watch motivational videos on YouTube and train daily in the act of optimism. Optimism takes practice. Here’s a good tip: The next time a problem seems so big and scary that it threatens to swallow you up, fight it with knowledge. Get on the Internet and do research. Slay that dragon by learning its loopholes, it weaknesses and shortcuts. It might help to believe in the powers of the Universal Law of Attraction which draws opportunities toward you just the way you specify to, and in the right intensity as you sought after.

Finally, Have Patience

Reach-GoalsSome goals are very big and will take time to accomplish. Break them down into smaller goals. Do not allow yourself to think that some goals are just too huge to be possible. Be specific and set goals that are attainable to your current situation and start working to achieve those. Patience is the partner that silently keeps you going, even when you feel you are about to give up. Sometimes patience is the biggest, but quietest factor in the game of setting and achieving goals.

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