Sunday, 3 August 2014

Signs That You’re Unhappy At Work

by: Amy Twain

Do you feel happy in your job? There are tell-tale signs of unhappiness in the workplace. Check out if you’re feeling these stuff:

1) You’re always procrastinating at work. This is by far one of the obvious signs of unhappiness in the workplace. When you feel unmotivated, it’s only natural that you don’t feel the energy to move about and carry out your tasks, so you keep on postponing it. And if ever you finish your task, you’re always rushing it to make it and hit the deadline, very often producing very haphazard results.

2) You really feel that working hours are long. Do you find yourself constantly checking your watch (or the wall clock) wishing that it’s time to say goodbye to your workmates? You already feel trapped in your job and by the time you enter the office, you count the hours and minutes till it’s time to punch the clock and get home.

3) You spend the night before feeling anxious about working the next day. It’s one of the clear indications of being unhappy at work. If you find yourself worrying and not feeling worry-free in your ‘supposed to be’ rest day/s, then you’re experiencing the symptoms of unhappiness at work. Your day/s off must be a time to detach yourself from work and instead relax your mind;

but if you’re still stressed and uptight about your job and you’re extending it to your holidays, then it can be a sign.


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