Saturday, 16 August 2014

Life is Good, Be Thankful

Life is Good!


good life We, as human beings, are suffering uselessly. We are walking around protecting, struggling and trying to force life. We are hurt and offended by someone’s crooked face. We are wasting so much time and energy worrying about other’s approval or not, scheming and manipulating and doing everything we can possibly think of to make everything go our way, so we can feel O.K. about ourselves. It is a recipe for failure and unhappiness and unless we learn a new way, we will continue to suffer. Aren’t you tired of it? Haven’t you suffered enough? Unfortunately, people still live in hell, they live in misery, with problems up one side and down the other and I can hear them say, “Life is good? Are you kidding? Get a grip!”

I want to wrap my arms around them and say, “No, really, there is another way. It will not be easy to remember, but there is something else going on if you can look hard enough, long enough and deeply enough. You, too, will see it, you will feel it and you will know without a shadow of a doubt, that the you, that IS you, is more than anything you could have ever imagined.” Our journey is to remember, and, the remembering is good, oh, so good.

Enjoy-the-Good-Life-at-the-Exquisite-Bulgari-Bali-Resort-6 This is bigger than being a little positive now and again; this is about living in a completely different paradigm. It is living in the stream of blessing, harmony and flow. Who wouldn’t want that? However, most will never do the inner work, most will never take that much responsibility for their life, for they would rather blame someone else and believe only in what they see as truth. We either wake up to the fact that we have something to do with creating our reality or we can continue to live in hell. It is that simple.

Well, that is not for me. Not that I haven’t lived in hell and in limbo and everywhere in between. I have done my share of struggling and crying and have spent plenty of time “in the closet”. What? You don’t know what “in the closet” is? Ask my sisters, or your sisters, or your mother, or your father’s mother; they will know. It is when you cannot take another minute of life. The closet is the darkest place in the house, and no one can find you. Yes, I can share my pain with you, but what is more important is how to transform our pain, take the gift, rise above it and begin to live the good life. Life is good when we are seeing it right. Life is good, even if it looks bad. Life is good regardless of what is going on right now. Life is good because you say so. And, if you say so, the Universe simply knows “Yes”. Your curriculum is your life. Your participation is not optional. The degree of your suffering is.

Challenges happen-

Suffering is optional!

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