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Learn Automatic Writing

Automatic Writing – Don’t Live In Fear Of Death

by: Stephanie Barker

Automatic Writing could be the answer you’re looking for. We all feel it. That little fear in all of us, the fear of the unknown. What is death? What happens when you die? Will I ever see this person again? Out of curiosity or if you’ve ever lost someone, these are questions you have asked yourself.

There’s no reason to live your life in fear over how and when it will end and what happens next. There are many strategies people use to get over this fear, therapy, hypnotism, readings, etc. Some work for some people and sometimes they just fail. Not to mention they can become expensive. And who enjoys having to depend on others to make you feel better?

There’s another way. There is a way to get these questions answered and alleviate your anxieties about death and the after life. And you can do it on your own. Ever hear of Automatic Writing?

Automatic writing is the process by which an individual will transcribe spiritual messages without being conscious of what they are writing. In a meditative state you touch pen to paper and let the messages flow.

This phenomenon has been known for centuries. It has been used for psychological treatment and diagnosis, it has been used to help investigate and solve crimes. Languages, unknown to the writer, have been written fluently while automatic writing. Lost documents have been recovered. Masterpieces have been drawn. And, of course, it is used to alleviate stress and anxiety about the mysteries of death.

The only things you will need are as follows –

-Pen and Paper

-Quiet Room

-Clear and Open Mind

This is not an activity limited only to persons with natural or developed psychic powers. This is an activity anyone can learn. All it takes is a little coaching and lots of practice.

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