Friday, 15 August 2014

How to Discover Your Passion

Spirituality Information: How to Discover Your Passion

by: Richard Blackstone

You have a passion within you that yearns to be expressed freely. This is the spirituality information that you were born with but agreed to forget upon your earthly birth. It is your spiritual growth that allows you to discover this passion again and experience it fully in this life adventure.

Eternal life allows you to really get selective about what you desire because it is through your desires that you are led to the passion in your life. That is what your quest is. You are ultimately being guided towards the passion that you chose to pursue before you entered this physical plane.

When thinking outside of the box of your comfort zone you can ask yourself about what really happens upon our physical death? Well, what happens is that we continue to make choices.

We are allowed to review our past life experience in vivid detail without judgment. The intent of this exercise is to look at the choices we made and see how they affected not only our own individual selves but also all the other people, places and things involved with the outcome and natural consequences of our choices.

As I mentioned, this is done without judgment because all we are doing is observing the experiences. Remember, we are here to experience life in all of its different perspectives. We are not here to judge ourselves about those experiences. We are the body of God , experiencing God in the physical plane; the best vocation imaginable because we are free to choose whoever we desire to be at any time that we please, without any judgment about whatever it is that we end up desiring and creating.

Do you know why God isn’t afraid of allowing us to run wild with this creative ability that allows us to create whatever we desire? Because everything we create is letting us see a different aspect of love. The ultimate truth is that love is who we are and we are all demonstrating some aspect of love in every single moment of now.

Even what you might call a fear-based choice is, in actuality, just another way for us to look at love, because fear would not exist except as the polar opposite of love. Fear came into being in this physical relative world because you cannot know something as a concept, such as love, until you match the concept, love, to something that concept is not, mainly fear.

So each of us has, wholly within our beingness, a deeply held desire to demonstrate some aspect of our true nature, which is love. We established this objective during our time in the realm of the absolute before we re-entered this physical world. We derived this self-imposed charge as a personal way to advance the evolution of all of us as a whole. Remember, we are all one.

We are all part of this finely tuned machine that is in the continuous process of evolving. Each piece of the machinery is working in conjunction with every other piece of the machinery. It is an unbelievable demonstration of balancing and coordination that must take place through the integration of each and every creation that each and every person activates in each and every moment of now. Truly an awesome spectacle that you and God are able to pull off with effortless ease.

So each of us has established, within our beingness, this ingrained passion that we consciously chose, prior to our earthly birth, to demonstrate some particular perspective of love.

When we entered the physical universe, we made an agreement with God to voluntarily forget who we really are and to forget all that we know, which is everything, including this particular passion. Once again, that doesn’t mean we haven’t remembered, or brought into our current space, whatever it is that we know, but we think we don’t know. (Always remember, you know what you think you don’t know. You just haven’t brought it forth yet. So just think about it and bring it forth into your current knowledge).

We voluntarily agreed to forget the passion that we chose as part of this new beingness we assumed as we began the process of the human experience once again. But the passion is still there. Just like your creative abilities are still part of who you really are, so is this deeply held passion and you can bring this passion forth into your current experience at any time by merely putting your attention on the bringing the awareness of that passion into your consciousness.

Simple, yet complex but you get the simple part. Just start putting your attention on asking the universe what that passion is. The universe has no recourse but to deliver that information to you.


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