Sunday, 24 August 2014

Effortless Leadership Qualities

How To Acquire Leadership Qualities With the Least Effort

by: Rey Misoles

“Leaders are made, after they were born.”

Can leadership qualities be developed in a matter of days and with the least amount of effort? Definitely! By tapping the power of the unconscious mind . . . It has been established that the mind is made up of the conscious and the unconscious (also known as “subconscious”). The conscious mind plays the “active part” which directs our actions, reasons out and accountable for most of our activities all through the waking hours. The unconscious, which “resides at the back,” is the passive, obedient component which controls our spontaneous functions and in-charge of the more subtle creative faculties of the mind.

Research shows that remarkable improvements can be made possible by tapping the powers of the subconscious. But since a lot of individuals are still ignorant of the realm of the unconscious, this may not be as easy as it seems. This is where subliminal programming becomes particularly useful and necessary.

Subliminal recordings bypass the conscious mind and directly communicates with the unconscious, operating below the threshold of consciousness. Using carefully crafted positive messages, it eventually creates lasting improvements in oneself. Aside from managing stress, it can be used to enhance leadership qualities in record time, eliminate excess pounds quickly and effortlessly, create supreme self esteem and many others.

Why Is It So Particularly Helpful?

Subliminal messages, in the form of positive affirmations, are embedded almost imperceptibly behind sounds. The mind “accepts” these messages without question, at the unconscious level, instantly beginning the design of transforming the messages into reality.

Operating below the threshold of conscious awareness, these subliminal messages hasten the process of modifying old ways and begin to rearrange the whole being towards achieving a certain goal. They gradually and gently substitute limiting beliefs with new empowering ones. It is an automatic and easy method of transforming oneself from the inside-out.

It should be noted though that lifelong behaviors may not change overnight. Reprogramming the subconscious takes time, and results maybe noticed after about 21 – 28 days. It should be a good practice to give personal enhancement tools at least a month before expecting real tangible results.

Self development programs are designed to effect change from within, and the same holds true for subliminal programming. When results begin to happen, you could feel an odd discomfort or uneasiness, a normal manifestation of resistance to change. It is a reliable sign telling you that transformation is now taking place. This phase of adjustment is essential and becomes your defining moment of victory or defeat.

Ultimately, however, the choice is yours to take. If you hate discomfort and stop doing it, you will notice yourself back in your “same old ways.” Old habits are hard to break, and it feels so comfortable staying the same. But if you desperately need progress, resist and persist, and you will soon discover the marvel of a “new YOU.” Then you would say; “I wish I’ve done it sooner!”


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