Friday, 15 August 2014

Apply Strategy In Our Daily Lives

Learning Strategy in Our Daily Lives From Chess

by: Craig Noll

Strategy is the one constant that saves time, money and lives. The best method to learn strategy to overcome the impossible in daily life situations is to learn chess game strategy. For centuries chess has been that tool for teaching strategy. Strategy teaches how to think in a way to find the best move or plan, to overcome impossible odds. It can be entertaining, predictable and useful in daily decisions.

Find the best moves or strategy, to overcome impossible odds. This skill is so important that the nobility of many countries have taught their children chess strategy to train them how to think in warfare. Originally used in the training for war, the Chess game is a very good tool to teach strategy for saving lives, seeing the way out of difficult situations and using strategy in the placement of money, people or resources.

Critical to life itself, strategy can also be entertaining. The chess game is not for dull, unsociable people, who have nothing better to do. The adventure, risk and critical thinking moments that chess gives is invigorating and motivating. Using the challenge to outwit someone has positive uplifting effects and proves that one is smart and intelligent.

Photograph of a marble chess set

Photograph of a marble chess set (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Pit your mind up against the greatest thinkers and strategists of all times. Once you learn a strategy well enough you can take it to chess competition and pit your strategy up against the greatest thinkers of all times. Remember you can use your chess strategy in everything you do. Essentially you are playing chess every moment of your day, every time you make a decision. Enjoy it. If something turns out bad, don’t do it again, learn from it. It is fun making decisions, and you don’t have to stress out about it. Learn strategy continually. You may have a strategy that the best chess player doesn’t know how to beat.

People are predictable, their actions are automatic. If you make certain moves at certain times, you may be able to put your opponent on the defensive, causing them to make a rash move and thus giving you the edge. Memorize the moves of each piece and anticipate the next move your opponent will make.


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