Thursday, 31 July 2014

5 Important Exercises for Strength and Mass

Most Important Gym Exercises


arm-strength-exercise There are many gym exercises, but which ones should you do? This is the list of most important gym exercises for gaining mass and strength.

1) Deadlift. Deadlift is the most important gym exercise. It exercises almost all your body parts, including legs, back and arms. Deadlifts are essential for huge back and forearms. They work on your abs pretty well too, so with doing deadlifts you can get a six-pack.

2) Squats. Squats is the only exercise that works out all muscles in your legs. Squats are essential for muscle growth in other areas too, because when you do them, your testosterone levels goes up. High testosterone is important, because the higher the testosterone, the more your muscles will grow. Squats also work on your abs, so if you want to have six-pack, you must do them.

chin-up-female 3) Bench Press. Most bodybuilders consider bench press as the most important upper body exercise. It is essential if you want to have a huge chest, shoulders and triceps. This exercise will develop incredible strength in your arms.

4) Pullups. Most people can’t perform even a single pullup, so this exercise is a real challenge for many people. If you want to have the “v” type back, this exercise is essential. It will build huge lats, as well as works on your middle back and biceps. If you want to have huge back and strong upper body, this exercise is a must.

5) Dips. This is the best triceps exercise. Dips works on your chest, triceps, and shoulders. A pretty important exercise, because if you have weak shoulders your body won’t be capable of strong arms. Just as pull ups and bench press, this exercise is very important for upper body strength.